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harleysarge 12-31-2012 11:12 AM

New Member
Hello All,
Just purchased a 2013 Grand Cherokee Laredo with the "E" pkg.
20" wheels, Trailer pkg, and the Enhanced Radio with the Navigation system. This is really a nice ride. I downsized from my Crew Cab Ram
1500 with a Hemi to this and was a bit apprehensive about the change.
Been a truck guy all my life. But it turned out great. I look forward to driving this Cherokee. I didn't get all the options this time around, but will look at the 2014s when they come out in the "limited" version. Maybe even an Overland but a Limited would do me I'm sure for what I'm looking for. I had a 2007 Charger SRT8, and miss it. The new Grand Cherokee in the SRT8 version is so bad,..but pricey at $63k and of course the mileage is another
consideration. But what a ride !!! lol...
I'd like to wish all of you a Very Happy New Year and hopes that you are enjoying your Jeep as much as I am... Stay safe...WYS..


Technohead 01-01-2013 01:20 PM

Welcome. The new Grands are starting to grow on me. Every now and then I think about dumping my car and getting one. Then I remember how much I would have to pay in taxes every year and wake up from the dream . . .

The time now is 01:12 AM.

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