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GBR94YJ 09-04-2012 10:20 AM

New(ish) RI Jeep guy
Hi everyone! Been lurking for a few weeks since I bought my 94 YJ... Figured i might as well sign up and be more social.... I owned a Comanche in high school and decided it was time for another jeep....

My YJ is almost road worthy, it was in (still is, but getting better) in a sorry state, but i think its a good starting point... The PO was driving it with a cracked leaking rear brake line, cracked rotted frame, broken shock mount, most electrical was not working, kinda a mess.. I want to stabilize and make everything work correctly before i start adding mods... Can't lift it if the frame rots out from under it. I have gotten it to a state where it drives and stops (though not inspected yet), but i haven't driven it much due to the frame crack/rot..... I did drive about 20 miles today and didn't die in the process, so that's a bonus...

So far i have replaced the exhaust (including CAT), Rotors/pads/calipers, rear brake lines, ebrake, new wiper motor, new blower motor, door seals. Parts are pretty cheap, and i haven't spent a ton of money yet, but its crazy how fast things add up.

It's up @ Auto Rust this week to have the front drivers side frame repaired and new rear upper shock mounts installed. Not a cheap fix but these guys seem to know what they are doing. I guess ill find out first hand....

Next I need to find a place to have a replacement drivers side floor pan and rocker panel welded in. I know i can do some ghetto fix on the floor pan but id rather have it cut out and properly welded in... Also not too many fixes for the rocker except to well a new panel in, or new tub... The guy down the road quoted me about $400 for both, with me supplying parts. Seems steep, but i have little experience with it body/welding to judge. Anyone have any suggestions of a cheap local body guy who can help me out?

Once the frame, floor, and rockers are fixed, i think its ready for an inspection, i hope... My daughter asks me almost every day when she can go for a ride in it, i just tell her not until we get a new sticker on the windshield!

So anyways, just saying hello...

Technohead 09-04-2012 06:32 PM

Welcome. I suggest checking out Ocean State Jeepsters. We have plenty of members who would be able to help out with your build. Repairing rocker panels is one of our specialties.

GBR94YJ 09-06-2012 10:21 AM


sdotcarter 09-09-2012 04:15 PM

They are some cool dudes too. +1 for hanging with them.

The time now is 10:37 PM.

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