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BlueRubiconrich 10-13-2012 04:36 PM

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ShredCandlewood 11-07-2012 01:26 PM

Ive been meaning to get up there soon. Worth a 2 hour highway drive? Any other pics?

BlueRubiconrich 11-08-2012 06:27 PM

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kensjeep 11-11-2012 12:42 PM

That looks so easy compared to yesterday ?

BlueRubiconrich 11-11-2012 07:26 PM

Ken that's at the start of the trail, then you get to the rocks and the steps.

janesy86 11-12-2012 02:37 PM

From a few weeks back!

Greentj05 11-22-2012 09:12 PM

I've been wanting to get out there for a long time now since I moved to MA, but between my schedule and the long drive I haven't been able to yet.. Jeep looks good out there btw

Plumber 02-03-2013 06:09 PM

Where's that located

Greentj05 02-04-2013 10:16 AM

Sry, I guess I'll be the first to state it.. Trails usually aren't disclosed online. Best bet it to ride with someone who knows or join a club.

BlueRubiconrich 02-04-2013 05:55 PM

Yes your best bet is to join a Jeep club.

Plumber 02-04-2013 06:05 PM

Located in fall river any clubs close by

BlueRubiconrich 02-04-2013 06:23 PM

What size tires are you running?

Plumber 02-05-2013 11:48 AM

305 75 16

BlueRubiconrich 02-05-2013 07:01 PM

drop me a PM

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