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zr2toxj 03-09-2013 07:27 AM

Maine 4x4's Warrior Salute August 24th&25th
As a staff member of Maine I would like to encourage any of you in the Northeast area to participate in an event we are putting together this summer for Wounded Veterans in the area. Even if you can't make it, buy a T-shirt or make a donation for the cause.

We currently have participants from the Legacy Foundation and have commitments from John Steele at Rocky Mountain Terrain Park to cook for everyone. He has also generously agreed to make a donation to 4wheel2heal.

Members of the club have offered their campers for the weekend and we are going to have some raffle items with all the proceeds going to the 4wheeltoheal organization. Go here to check them out:

RMTP is a great area with some wonderful trails to a summit and an outdoor kitchen area to sit around and watch the shenanigans.

So I encourage everyone to follow the development on, post here if you want to attend or contact me directly. We'll be looking for donations to help pay their way and make it a weekend to remember.



$20.00 per day per person (not vehicle) entrance and wheeling fee
$10.00 per person camping fee
$50.00 food package (includes five meals)
week-end package for $100.00 per person and that covers everything thus saving 10% for ordering the total package.


For those on FB, check out these links:

JP's page:

Pam Payeur - Program Director
Warrior Legacy Foundation's
Wounded Heroes Program of Maine

"They have given everything and ask for nothing."

zr2toxj 03-21-2013 04:51 PM

Just a quick update. We were experiencing some mining issues on our site, so we closed direct access to the forum and are requesting that you simply register for an account to read about this event. I will try to post here any updates as things progress. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Things are progressing well. We've got some key sponsors to help us with the costs, and a ton of interest, so thank you for that. We extended an invite to Rick Pewe from Petersen's 4WD mag. He wheeled with a small group from ME4x4 a couple of years ago, so we're hoping he can make it back.


zr2toxj 03-26-2013 02:20 PM

We also started a Facebook page:

Big-Red 04-14-2013 11:08 PM

I Want to do this thing in august, how soon do you need the money for the weekend?

zr2toxj 04-15-2013 06:00 AM

We are in the process of setting up a Paypal account. You can pay anytime you'd like. I can PM you the details.

zr2toxj 07-20-2013 06:44 PM

Alright folks, this event is about a month away. We are hoping to raise $2k for a donation. 4W2H tries to buy a lot of expensive equipment for the Warriors, so please do what you can even if you canít make it.

We have Paypal or Square Register set up for payment and we also have the following T-shirt contest:

Hereís some better pics of the T-shirts. These are $20, just let me know what size you want.

We also have some great gifts.

L/A Harley in Lewiston Maine has a $200 gift certificate.
Cabelaís has donated 4 - $25 gift cards, 10 kids fishing poles and a bunch of coupons
Superwinch has donated some 40% off coupons
Funtown Splashtown USA donation
RaveX Performance donation
A to Z Landscaping LLC donation
Margaritas Mexican Restaurant

Pam Payeur from the Warrior Legacy Foundationís Wounded Heroes Program of Maine is very excited to have 6 of her Warriors attend.

We have stickers too! $5.00 each

And some flyers:

We are having our final meeting next Saturday. Iím hoping we can figure out how to get music for at least one evening.

Any questions, post up or send me a PM


medijeep 07-20-2013 07:23 PM

This is a good cause, and RMTP is a fun place to wheel. There are side-by-side mud pits (one fun, one deep), sand track with dunes(moto jumps), rock garden, inclined rock garden, log bridge that requires some serious cahones as its more than 6 ft off the ground and each log is only tire width!, lots of deep washouts, steep climbs, boulder strewn trails, incredible views, great food, excellent camping, and some wheeling for any vehicle from stock to buggy. Hope to see you there.

zr2toxj 08-18-2013 06:48 AM

Less than a week to go, folks!

Maine4x4 is spending the weekend at Rocky Mountain Terrain park getting prepared for this event. We got a lot done yesterday.

We have an LMTV spending the weekend there plus a chicken BBQ, and music Saturday night. Shooting range from 5-6pm on Saturday, some great raffle items, plus lots of wheeling up the mountainside.

We've got a great weekend planned, so come join the fun!

The time now is 01:40 AM.

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