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ZJMatt 06-02-2013 12:17 PM

Pembroke, NH trail cleanup - Wednesday 6/5
Reposting from ExploringNH - we could use any help we can get!


Anyone interested in this?

I have a friend from Pembroke who said he wanted to do a cleanup this weekend but I'm not available. Wednesday 6/5 is my next day off. Figured maybe if we do it in the afternoon, people would be more likely to be able to make it.

The majority of the trash out there is party trash, however there is a lot of area to cover. I believe around 10 miles of Class 6 roads all in one network. I think we would be best to assign 1 vehicle (and hopefully 1 passenger) to a road, if we can get enough people. There are 11 class 6 roads that make up this network, some longer than others.

If you're interested and can make it, post up.

We will meet at 2pm at Walmart in Concord, truck parking (along Loudon Rd).
As of now we have 5 confirmed attendees from ENH as well as 4 other possible attendees.

I know it's a week day and could conflict with work for some people, but feel free to come at any time and you can meet us on the trails.

BlueRubiconrich 06-03-2013 07:50 PM

I love to help with claenups but can't do it on a weekday.maybe a friday?

ZJMatt 06-03-2013 09:28 PM


Originally Posted by BlueRubiconrich (Post 15516164)
I love to help with claenups but can't do it on a weekday.maybe a friday?

I work every weekend. I do have this Friday off, but I don't think it works for the rest of the guys.

I also contacted the town to inform them of this, and the person I spoke to does not sound enthusiastic or willing to work with us at all. This may not be happening after all, unless I can get in touch with someone else with the town.

If there are any other Class VI roads with lots of trash that could be good for this clean-up, let me know. However with such short notice we don't have a way to dispose of tires, appliances, or construction materials that typically cost money to get rid of. That's what made Pembroke a good candidate - most everything out there was typical litter and not so much illegal dumping, so probably 95% of it could be disposed of for free.

The time now is 10:29 PM.

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