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jenzpony 12-17-2013 09:51 PM

Looking for lifted Jeep in Upstate New york
Ok so I will just copy and paste this from the intro thread that I made..

Ok so before everyone freaks out I actually don't own a Jeep. I am a fellow car enthusiast and drive a mustang in the summer. I am on multiple other car sites and had a situation happen tonight that made me join here to try and find who helped me out....

So here's what happened...Tonight I was going to work in the capital region of new York I was in second gear in my little Honda accord and hit black ice....not only did I spin out hard I ditched my car very deep into our now 17 inches of snow. Not only was my car completely ditched but I couldn't open my door to get out...What happened next proves to me that there are still really good people in this world...

A man ( I might add incredibly cute) in a black dodge truck saw me go in the ditch and came to help me out of the car.. Not only did he help me get out of the car but he called one of his friends with a lifted red Jeep (I want to say grand Cherokee). Meanwhile he continued to dig some of the snow off around my car and his friend showed up about five minutes later. After his friend got there with some other friends they proceeded to hitch my car to his jeep and pull my car out of the snow...I am so very thankful and I was in such shock that all I did was hug the men.

Here is my catch...Now that I am calm and not shaken up I want to find the men and make them cookies or give them cash.....Help me out here

I am very thankful for both of you if you are reading this!

Figure ill throw in a pic of my pony just to show im not a spammer.

Take care,

Technohead 12-18-2013 08:58 PM


Originally Posted by jenzpony (Post 18634690)
. . . Help me out here . . .

Slow down when the roads are slippery and you will not end up in the ditch.

jenzpony 12-19-2013 01:43 PM

I was going slow :) but thank you

achilless 02-23-2014 08:32 PM

Good luck!

The time now is 10:40 AM.

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