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Check Your Fire Extinguishers For Recall!!

Kidde has announced a major fire extinguisher recall involving nearly 38 million pieces and 134 models of Kidde fire extinguishers manufactured between January 1, 1973 and August 15, 2017.

For years JeepForum members have advised friends and fellow jeepers to outfit their rigs with fire extinguishers while we watched sad videos of jeeps burning to the ground. This recall is so extensive that inevitably some in our community will be affected. You did due diligence in making sure your rig and home are equipped with fire extinguishers, now follow through and check your equipment to see if it's included in this recall and might not work properly when you need it most.

Check here for more information:

While you're checking your extinguisher, go ahead and turn it upside down, bang it against a tire and give it a few good shakes to keep the powder inside loose and ready for action. Riding around in a vehicle causes the powder to pack solidly to the lowest surface where in time it becomes too solidified to work properly. This is good practice to do a couple times a year along with checking smoke alarms functionality. Do it every time you change clocks for daylight savings time or do it on your birthday, just getter done!

Jeep hard and play safe!!


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