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WARNING for DFW Jeepers

Hey guys I joined this forum just to warn the Jeep community of a horrible experience I had today with Just Jeeps of Hurst on Hwy 10 near Bell helicopter.

Here is the story below!

WARNING WARNING I'd like to warn you about doing business with Just Jeeps.

I've own two jeeps, my two best friends own a jeeps and I've been a Jeep enthusiasts since I was young. I've really never met another Jeep owner that I didn't get a long with. The Jeep community is a pretty tight knit group and when you meet a Jeep guy its pretty easy to start up a conversation. THIS PLACE IS NOT LIKE THAT.

As I said my best friend owns a Jeep and today we were cruising down the road and passed this place. He asked if I had ever been inside and I said "no lets go check it out!" I swerved over two lanes and made a U-turn to get back to this place. As we walked in the Sign on the door said had two signs one said "Sales, Service and Parts" and the other sign said "If you're nice to use we'll be nice to you". I should have known then something was up.

We walked in and the have a small show room with 1 Jeep for sale. It was an 03 TJ, pretty stock (no lift, tires, bumbers etc) with 105K miles and a price tag that said $12K. Next to that they had a few bumpers lying on the floor and a wall full of TJ parts. Mostly misc add on parts: consoles, knobs, vents and a pile of door skins. The lady at the counter asked if we needed some help, she seemed pretty friendly. I asked her if someone could help us take a look at the door skins. They didn't have a price on them and since my driver side window was thrashed I thought I might grab a pair. She said that the guy who handles door skins was outback talking with a customer and that she'd go get him. "Ok" we said and kept browsing. She went out back and came back in. We then poked our head out the back door and realized they had about 10 more used Jeeps out in their garage with for sale sign on them. So we walked out back and started browsing around the other jeeps. Still further back in the garage (this place was kinda like a big airplane hanger) were about two guys working on two other jeeps.

the Jeeps they had for sale were all used TJ's all of which seemed nice and all had new tops and replaced interiors. But all seemed pretty pricey. I noted how they had a 2000 TJ 4cyl with 100k for sale for $11,900K. I noted this because mind is an 01 with 85K lifted and I thought "if they are asking this much then mind should be more and I only paid 12 for mine when it was brand new!"

So after about 10 mins of meandering we walked back in the showroom and asked the lady if she had seen the sales man who could help us with the door skins. She said hold on and walked into the main office. Out comes this guy who says something to the effect of
Owner:"Look guys we don't carry any door skins and the guy that handles them is out back with a customer" he grabbed a card and handed it to my friend.
I said puzzled "well there is a big pile of them over here on the floor?"
To which he then replied "Listen we dont have time to sell you door skins were trying to sell Jeeps here (sic)"
Me: "Well here then we don't need this card"
Owner: "I own this business and I invented it and I cant make any money selling parts "
Me: As were were walking out the door "Well you know you cant make any money being an ******* either!"
Owner: "and I make 3-4K dollars selling Jeeps!"

I don't know what this guys problem was but I guess I should have known by the signs that he's got a attitude problem. #1 If you don't want to sell parts then don't put parts on your sign and dont put them in your show room. #2 if you are trying to sell Jeeps dont make them 3-4 thousand dollars more than they are worth and then announce to your whole store how you make so much profit on selling them. I love Jeeps and I stick by Jeep owners. This guy apparently doesn't understand his customers and thinks its ok to treat customers like like trash. I mean how hard would it have been to walk out and say "Hey guys my salesman is busy right now but Im the owner can I help ya?"

I would highly encourage you NOT to patronize Just Jeeps and take your business else where. I write this story because I know Jeep are a tight group and I hope it hits his pocket book. You treat people with respect and business will be good, treat people like trash and you'll lose business. I obviously cant tell you where to shop, but I don't want anyone to experience what my friend and I did today. IDK maybe this guy was just having a bad day and needed to take it out on someone!?

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Update here's a link to the Just Jeeps FB page and their site.



I also left a message on Google Reviews, hope I'm not taking this too far. I just felt this behavior was unacceptable and wanted to make sure it doesn't happen to you guys as well.
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interesting. I almost drove up there from Austin when I started to look for a purchase. If they have that attitude by the owner, then I'm glad I did not.

It's amazing what 30 seconds of kindness can do when you are in sales. A skin sale should have been easy money, and taken about 3 minutes of his time too.
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I went to their shop when I was looking for my Jeep and they were not that overtly rude, but I got the same vibe as they did not seem overly helpful. They did not ask me if I wanted a test drive any of their jeeps and told me that I would not find a jeep to easy because they are all going to Mexico. I agree the prices are way to high for the mileage.

I think they have a target market and I did not fit it, from the sounds of it neither did you. That is an uneducated buyer, thus the cold shoulder, in my opinion. Due to the draw of Jeeps and the folks that don't think about the mechanical aspects just the new exterior parts. Bottom line they find buyers that pay above what they should and unfortunately are successful at it and still in business. I found my jeep 5 years ago in Cooper, TX much cheaper and lower miles. Did minor mechanical repairs and fixed the interior and exterior by myself and utilizing comparison shopping.
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good story thanks for the write up

just curious i thought tj's were way more than 12k brand new

GET SOME....Mud!!
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I believe so, I guess it depends on what year you buy, I am assuming the base model went up over the years due to inflation and the options you select. I agree 12k is probably to low. I think my ex bought a brand new yj in 95, pretty basic and it was around 15k.
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Generally speaking, I avoid any specialty shop with a specific brand or vehicle system called out on it's name. More often than not, you're going to run into this type of crap. A few good examples of places out to rip you off are Just Brakes, Just Jeeps, VW Specialists etc, etc. This has been a rule for me now for some time, and to be forthcoming I barely do any business with 4 Wheel Parts anymore because they're just ridiculous.

One exception to this rule here in Austin is Jeepmasters. I've bought parts from them before for my ZJs and haven't had any bad luck. I've also poked around about pricing and they seem to be very reasonable. From everything I've seen and spoken with them about, the owners are wheelers so they're feet are still planted on the ground. They also cater to people looking to spend on major modifications that will never wheel, but if it makes them money more power to them. In the end, any business is going to focus their time spent on maximizing profit so I don't blame anyone for doing that.... however, if your business model has changed, then change the friggin sign that suggests you're still into selling parts!
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Originally Posted by olsont View Post
good story thanks for the write up

just curious i thought tj's were way more than 12k brand new
Well, ok let me clarify. I bought a 01 TJ 4cyl in 2001 with about 6 miles on it.

for 10,900 plus tax etc. I also think I got a smokin deal!

So mine wasnt exactly "brand new" Im guessing it was a lease originally and afeter a few months they brought it back and got soemthing else. For all intents and purposes it new. It also had wheels and tires already on it so it wasnt completely stock which was nice.

Thanks for the support guys! and to the poster above I think avoiding any business with "Just" in the name is pretty sound advice...Im gonna add that to my list! lol
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I agree with gabrod 72. However I have an exception too. I have been a customer of Completely Chrysler and Moparpartsamerica.com. CC is a junk yard in Grand Prairie Tx that only has chrysler parts and mpa sells mopar parts online at a 25to 50% vs dealership. Since I have a Jeep and Dodge Ram, bought them both used I needed several parts to fix both over the years and had really good service from both.
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My dad and i both purchased TJ's from this guy about 5yrs ago. we paid TOO much!!! this dudes target market is uneducated folks just looking to get into a jeep.
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I bought my 97 with less than 100k miles on it with 5 new 33" BFG Mud terrains, both hard top and soft top and full doors and half doors for 5 grand. I sold most of the stuff I didn't want and made about 1700 off everything all together. I always thought TX was just a high priced market for jeeps especially out here in west TX. I see 4 cyl TJ's out here going in the 7's and up with 6 cyl hanging in the 9-10k range and those are for all pre-2000 models. I was going to go back to San Antonio to get my wife a JK next year but goodness if those prices are for used TJ's back east I'll probably be paying in the mid 20's for a used JK. I was hoping there was a better buyers market out there.
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Old post, but I've heard mixed reviews of Just Jeeps from Jeep owners.
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The funny (or maybe sad) thing is that Just Jeeps is constantly posting parts ads on craigslist. You'd think that if you were advertising parts for sale you'd actually try to sell them when a customer came in.
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They sound like they're jaded by all the "shoppers" trying to get them to match "bed room ebayers" drop-ship prices. They found a niche that works for them and they capitalized on it. What I can't believe is that you created an account just to come on here and bash them...

For the record, I don't know anybody at "just jeeps', nor have I set foot in their building.
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Thanks for the advise. I won't go in there since all I will be looking for is parts!

We don't rent pigs
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