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JTM1 05-01-2013 07:23 AM

TMTC Update
TMTC Update:

Emails went out to all of the TMTC members with Email Voting instructions, and voting has been extended for a week. So please get those email ballots turned in.

-A new BMRA operations board has been appointed and Scott Tipton is now the board chairman.
-I would personally like to thank Bud for all of his voluteer efforts at BMRA and his time on the BMRA Operations Board. For his efforts the TMTC board has extended a Life Time Membership to Bud.
-The park will be closed to the public this weekend (5/3-5) for the Toyota Jamboree.
-The two cabins at the park are different sizes and rent for $65 & $85per night.

BMRA Bathrooms
-The bathrooms at the office have been remodeled and those cracked shower pans have been replace with a subfloor and tile. Another welcomed change, the bathrooms are now airconditioned.
-The BMRA board has made a decision on locations and you should see the new vault toilets being set in place in June.
-Many of you know about the shower lines that occur on event weekends and just busy weekends in general and hoping you got there soon enough for there to still be hot water. The new bathhouse/restroom going in this summer by the pavillion should take care of that.

-The park is open everyother weekend and the schedule is posted on the park website. For question feel free to ask or post up on the EDRA facebook page.
-A water well is scheduled to be drilled in the next couple of months.
-Buildings/Facilites are currently being discussed by the EDRA Operations Board.

EDRA Trail Maintance
-Trails are still being cut; MC and ATV trails are really coming along nicely, but OHV trails are a little lacking.
-The standard policy is work a day, wheel a day, and camp for free.
05/04 thru 05/05/13
05/18 thru 05/19/13
06/01 thru 06/02/13
06/15 thru 06/16/13
06/29 thru 06/30/13

On behalf of TMTC I would like to thank all of our current members for their contributions and look forward to seeing everyone on the trail.

TMTC Statewide Rep.

The time now is 02:39 PM.

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