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I know there is at least one runner among us (Jeepster93), and I have recently begun running and I was wondering if there was anyone else among the Coloradoans that run on a regular basis. I would not consider myself to be an expert by any means, or even that good for that matter, but since October I've been going out running on average 4 times per week. I'm currently running 2.5 miles each time, and my pace is usually right around or a little under 10 minutes/mile, and as a result I've lost 21 pounds since mid October! Everyday I run with my running partner, Blake, our 7 month old German Shepherd pup.

For any of the other runners out there, I was wondering if you guys had any tips for me on a couple of things. First of all, any advice on coping with severe, chronic shin splints? I've tried just about everything I can think of, different shoes, (Normally I wear my Nike Air Max runners, but sometimes I'll switch up to my Asics GT-2160's, both pairs are solely dedicated to running, I don't wear them for anything else), wrapping my shins with medical tape, shin compression sleeves (those were a joke, I'm so tall that the "one size fits all" sleeves leave me with 4-5 inches of exposed shin either below or above it that gets no compression and therefore no support, depending on how I wear it) but nothing seems to help. I wind up just sticking to ibuprofen and taking a few days off here and there to try to let it heal, but I pretty much have just had sore shins since October to this point.

Also, does anybody know of any beginner friendly 5k runs? One of Leslie's goals is for us to participate in a 5k, but we would like an environment of runners similar to us, otherwise we'll get left in the dust.

Anybody feel free to chime in, maybe we can put together a Colorado Jeepers meet n run sometime.

BTW, here is my running partner:

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A few ideas:
  • Go to a running store and be properly fitted to a running shoe.
  • Walk around on your heels (toes raised off the ground) to build up muscles. This helped me when I was running and had shin splints.

It is amazing what a properly fit pair of running shoes can do. A good running store with trained personnel will watch you run in the parking lot or put you on a treadmill in the store to properly fit you to the correct shoe. I'm relatively new to the Denver area so I'm not sure of what stores are out here, but I used to go to Runner's Lane where I used to live. I'm sure a Google search can turn up running specific stores near you.

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I'll second what hucker said. Be sure to bring your current running shoes so the store personnel can evaluate the wear. I went to the Runner's Roost in Denver, they seemed helpful. Also, running shoes don't last forever. I'm about 9 months into my Asics GT-2160's and well overdue for a new pair. The store personnel should be able to tell how long a shoe should be used based on running style and/or brand.

What kind of surface are you running on? I hate concrete sidewalks, and would prefer a 5k on a cicle track before 5k on concrete. Try dirt trails and see if that helps with the pain.

There's good running apps out there for smartphones that can help track peformance. I use RunKeeper (

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You want a very supportive shoe to help with shin splints. Hit up a real running store (not a shoe store). I am sure FC probably has one. Boulder has "The Boulder Running Company" which will have you run with various shoes on a treadmill and watch how much your pronate (ankle rolls inward when you step - it looks scary when slowed down).

The only way to get rid of shin splints once you have them is to stop running for a while. I had them and stopped running for 2 weeks, then picked up running a lot shorter distance (went from 5 miles down to 2 miles) once per week and worked my way back up.

If you keep running with the shin splints, you're not allowing your bones time to heal and keep reinjuring them. This can eventually cause the bone to actually break. (That is based on the assumption that your shins are actually what is wrong, and it isn't just weak muscle).

Running on soft surfaces (dirt) is a hell of a lot easier on your legs/joints than concrete or treadmills. What surfaces are you running on?

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CONGRATS on the weight loss. I know along with the running and weight loss was a lifestyle mod. CONGRATS on that too. Changing the way you look at things is the biggest change. CONGRATS on that too.

If you still have some more weight to loose, carrying extra when running is a big stress on the legs.

Saying that...

Shin Splints-
A too much too soon injury. Very common in new runners.
You know about the 10% rule?
Never increase your running by more than 10% a week. This is both speed and/or distance. One at a time, 10% a week increase.

There is a "band-aide" for shin splints that will keep you running while you heal.
Get one of those compression leg wraps, or use sport tape to keep the shin muscle from moving. TIGHT. Tighter the better.
Have you been to a running store to get "fitted" for a shoe?
Do you pronate? If you're wearing neutral shoes and you pronate, you will always be injured.

Mizuno and Brooks and others make shoes for heavy runners. They are fairly built shoes.(compared to what I wear)

Do you have a roller?
A MUST have for a runner.
Roll the shin...Daily!!!

Races: When?
There are races of 5K and 10K pretty much every weekend.

Heal first on the shin splints. Racing is HARD on a body and an injured body is no way to race.
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Bells Running in Greeley has a great staff that can help evaluate your footwear.


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Co,7120,s6-241-624--529-0,00.htmlngrats, Good job getting out there. Sounds like you are pushing a little to hard. Starting running is a tricky thing. Your mind says go faster or harder but your body needs time to adjust. Give your self sometime to warm up to the pace u are comfortable and then be sure to allow for a cool down. For instance run 5 mins at a slower pace then pick it up to your comort zone then the last 5 mins slow it down. Be sure to stretch. For sure get to runners roost or boulder running company, like everyone is telling you. Also go to, it will have training plans and get you set for a 5/10K comfortably.,00.html

As for races, Try they should show races all over the state. Here are my two favorites. Running of the Green 7K, in Denver, FREE beer from start to finish!! And the Warrior Dash 5K, at Copper Mtn. Mud, Sweat and Beer!!

Well, good luck with the running,

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Was out running on the Platte river bike trail, Saturday.
Hit a patch of snow covered ice. Was running at good speed too.
After a brief attempt at flying, I splatted like a bug on a windshield.
No running for a while. nothing broken, but a whole lot of things got rearranged.

This is the second injury I have from running. The 1st a few years ago, ITBS, a tendon injury(overuse injury) was painful when I ran. This is painful all the time.

So...looks like it is time to start swimming(if I can without pain???) It is 6 months until my triathlon.
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Yikes, that sounds pretty rough. Hope you recover quickly.

Thanks for all the support everyone, and some good advice too.

I did take some time to evaluate my running shoe's wear patterns, and based on what I found I decided to try a new kind of running show. I bought a pair of the Reebok Realflex shoes, (the ones with that commercial where the guy is running the what looks kind of like Moab and they keep showing the bottom of the shoes with the "training buddies") and they are amazing. My shin splints have gone away completely. From what I found, I naturally run more on the outside of my feet, and normal running shoes tend to force my feet to flatten out after I land, and the reeboks aren't "stability" shoes, so they don't alter my stride like that, and viola, no more pain! As I get more into it, (and have the money to invest) I'll definitely get a more professional evaluation, but I'm definitely happy being able to run without pain and more importantly, walk without limping after a run.
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Shin splints don't go away that quickly just like that. I suffered from shin splints after a season of track in high school. One thing you can do to still 'run' is to go run in the pool. It takes all the impact stress off your legs, but still lets you get the heart rate up. You can also look into riding the bike for a while, to reduce the impact stress on your legs.

I got custom orthodics for my shoes when I had shin splints. They helped, but do not solve the problem. Your biggest issues is going to be your shoes. We as humans are not designed to wear shoes. Over the years companies have sold you products that are 'designed' for running, and add all sorts padding and gels to cushion your feet while you run. There are 2 problems with that. The first is the shape and design of the shoe have caused you to change your stride when you run. Watch a young child when they run, pay close attention to how they land on their feet and where there leg is in relation to the rest of their body. What you will find is that they run keeping their legs under them, and land on their forefoot. Chances are your running stride is unnatural. Second issue is that the cushioning in the shoes have desensitized your feet. You can feel that you are landing on your foot wrong and causing muscles in your leg to not work as they should and stablize properly. You've probably noticed that the minimalist shoes have become the rage lately. Vibram Five Fingers have been at the forefront of this. While everyone thinks this is a new fad, its not. Track and field athletes have been competing with minimalist foot wear for decades.

The best advice I can give you is to look into barefoot running. All the new shoes out there make it so that you dont actually have to be barefoot. Switching to this sort of running is going to do two things. One, it will help you to develop proper muscles strength in your feet and legs. You have to start your mileage very low and ramp it up slowly. The second thing it will do is change your running form, causing you to run more on your forefoot, which will in term increase your running efficiency.

Hope that helps you

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I went to the Runner's Roost in Denver, they seemed helpful. Also, running shoes don't last forever. I'm about 9 months into my Asics GT-2160's and well overdue for a new pair.
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Runner here! Used to run a lot more, gradually getting back into it. I'm doing Higdon's beginner 1/2 marathon training plan, immediately followed by the beginner marathon training plan, and plan on running the Denver Rock and Roll Half Marathon. A couple years ago I ran a handful of really fun races, from the Cherry Creek Sneak to a Lab Rescue 5K, to the Warrior Dash. Someone posted - great resource. Also Colorado Runner magazine - this most recent issue is the race issue - and lists a boatload of races. I'm not sure if they have an online component, but maybe a running store has issues for sale. I would love to participate in a Jeep-based running club, if ever one develops. Good luck with your running! Congrats on the weight loss!

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I get about 500 miles out of a pair of shoes. That takes about 5 months in rotation to get 500 miles. I know it is time to change when my lower legs start getting these weird pains, old shoe pain. I have 3 pair of shoes in my daily rotation.
I rotate my shoes, do not wear the same pair 2 days in a row, I do this for 2 reasons:
1 is to let the shoe rest. They are made from foam and that foam collapses during the run, and takes some time to un collapse, in cold weather it can take more than 24 hours to un collapse. In warm weather, a day's recovery. also will allow the shoe to last longer, wear out slower.
2nd is strengthen my feet. Rotating to a different pair/brand changes the dynamics of foot fall, and that change builds strength. Strength reduces the chance of injury. That is why some(not me) run in those VFF's and other minimalist shoes.

Remember- Running is a very high impact activity. Injury is a fact of life for a runner. More strength is less injury.

I am one of the rare folks...I actually run in Nike shoes. 80-90% of all nike running shoes never see a run. Mine do.(I like the lunar line of shoes, the Lunar Elite and Lunar Fly).
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Originally Posted by jeepster93 View Post
I actually run in Nike shoes.
Me too, and I've wanted to try other brands, but have been afraid. I haven't found any that're wide enough in the toes, but I haven't looked very hard, either.

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So what do you runners recommend for a good running headphone. Mine never last because of sweat or don't fit right and fall out my ears. Suggestions?

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