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RAAB3485 03-09-2007 03:43 PM

Colorado Jeepers -- For Sale/Trade/WTB Thread
Froggo27 had a this idea he PM'ed me so I thought I'd put it in place.

We've had a lot of members selling items lately, so a "Colorado Jeepers For Sale Sticky" would be nice that way its always on the top and we will have a place to list items for sale, that we would like to give the Club Members first dibs on.

Anywho, I figure, no chit chat, just post a reply using the appropriate icon for the model Jeep the parts will fit, info about the parts, and any pics.

Also, please only post items that are for sale by yourself. (selling for a friend is ok too) but do not post items for sale from ebay, or from people you don't know.

As for people interested in the parts, PM the owner instead of replying in the thread, lets try to keep it strictly for listing the parts. Then when your parts have sold, edit your post accordingly.

KUK9 03-09-2007 04:02 PM

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Sounds like a good plan to me. I think it would be easier than what we've had going on.

RAAB3485 03-09-2007 04:11 PM


Originally Posted by KUK9
Sounds like a good plan to me. I think it would be easier than what we've had going on.

I'm waiting to find out from Keith if we can do it at all though. I PM'ed Woody about making this a sticky and he said that he thinks it's against the rules and that all 4 sale threads have to be in the for sale forum. So we'll see what Keith tells me before we can be sure on this or not.

KUK9 03-09-2007 04:46 PM

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I wouldn't think it would be a problem though...if we are not wanting to ship things, and want to keep it local, I wouldn't see why they wouldn't do it. I mean, I understand it and all, but I don't like dealing with the hassle of shipping things a lot of the time.

froggo27 03-10-2007 09:43 AM

TRADE: I have a 04 grill for trade for a black one if anybodys got one siting around years 99-03. It's chrome on the outside and brushed silver on the inside. It looks like this:


PS: im glad we could of got this thread up:thumbsup:

ArloGuthroJeep 03-10-2007 10:41 AM

All WJ stuff, although some works on the other J's...
F&R WJ sway bar end links $5
F&R WJ LCA's $10/set of $15 for all of them
F&R WJ stock springs (non UC, ~28k miles on them) - $50 for both sets or $30/pair
WJ Trackbar - $10
WJ Drag Link - $10

Parts viewable here:

KUK9 03-10-2007 11:14 AM

32 Attachment(s)
--stock front bumper, gray. from my 96 Country -SOLD
--stock track bar -$5
--a/c / heat blower motor vacuum lines- whole setup is there with all valves -$Free
--steering setup- drag link and tie rod -$5
--sway bar endlinks- $5

--chrome tube bumper (front), beat up on the corners, but still decent shape -SOLD
--stock track bar -$5
--stock tie rod -$5
--steering stabilizer- still good condition, but I replaced it with another one I had -$5
--1 spice bikini top, never used, no windshield channel -SOLD
--1 spice binini top, complete with windshield channel -SOLD
--1 black Bestop bikini top- no windshield channel -SOLD
--1 set of soft top door surrounds -SOLD
--D35, geared to 4.56, complete. Not sure if I am selling this one for sure or not yet, but if someone's really interested, I'll give it up. -SOLD
--stock rear bumper, perfect condition -$20
--Mopar Jeep seat covers, black. never used -SOLD
--sway bar cover (plastic piece that covers the top of the sway bar) -$Free
--stock air box and inlet tube -$5
--stock air box, box only -$5

--Bronco's tire cover...I think for a 30" tire or so, black. never used -$5
--light bar, I think for a YJ (it didn't fit on my TJ) -$10
--center console like you'd buy from Autozone. gray, two cupholders, etc. -$5
--1 set of red grab handles with rubber grip -SOLD
--1 set of black grab handles, no grip -SOLD

I have pics of everything- let me know if you would like to see anything.

Shag 03-10-2007 04:57 PM

I have a passenger side step off a TJ $15
Looking for a set of lower door minges from a TJ, just the part that bolts to the tub, don't need the part that is attached to the door.

RAAB3485 03-10-2007 08:13 PM

TJ parts for sale:
-- Stock Side Steps for 03+ TJ
-- 5 Stock TJ Canyon wheels, 4 with 31x10.50r15 BFG All Terrain T/As mounted on them with ~25% tread left, one wheel with no tire.
-- 5 Stock TJ X steel wheels. 4 of them match, spare is the style you'd find on an SE. (This is how it came from the factory, why they used 4 of the same and a different wheel for the spare is beyond me)
-- 4 31x10.50 Mesa A/P tires with ~50% tread remaining
-- Back seat from an 00 Sahara. Somewhat faded but in great shape
-- Stock rear trackbar
-- Stock front trackbar (available once I install my new one)
-- Full set of stock springs with less than 25k on them
-- Stock shocks
-- Stock sway bar end links - front and rear
-- Black aftermarket soft top. Has 90% of the hardware, all windows included, back window is damaged and windshield header is cracked (Kuk9 sold it to us and we never used it)
-- Pair of mirrors from an 00 (will work on 03+ TJs, but not the same style) driver and passenger including the part that mounts to the door. Paint is flaking off the "arm" the mirror mounts to, and one of the door mounts but nothing a quick spray job can't take care of. Mirrors themselves are perfect.
-- KC Daylighter 100watt off road lights. These are the pair that was damaged in Leslie's close encounter with the deer. One light has zero damage, the other needs a new lens (~$25 from KC) but is perfect otherwise. These come with only the wiring from the lights themselves, no switches, relays, wiring to cab etc. I however, can supply you with all the necessary parts (minus the lens) to do this however (its nice working where I do) Lights are in good shape, some surface rust (they are chrome) and come with all mounting hardware, also we have a set of white KC soft covers for them as well (I decided I want to buy lights with black housings instead of using these chrome ones)

I can get pictures of all of this stuff upon request

PullMeSideways 03-10-2007 08:59 PM

Gas Tank Skid
I have the HD stock TJ gas tank skid for sale. This provides a lot more protection that the stock tin one.

Asking $65

If interested I also have a stock sway bar and steering set up.

PullMeSideways 03-30-2007 08:16 AM

Tires for Sale
My MTRs are for sale if anyone is interested.


ArloGuthroJeep 04-02-2007 09:42 PM

Anyone looking for some D30 stuff?

ArloGuthroJeep 04-03-2007 12:55 PM

4 new 35" MT/R's for $850 if anyone is interested:

Timberwood 04-10-2007 01:00 PM

WANTED: (hope this is ok in this thread) Cheap trail rig, looking to get into my first Jeep and want something thats built up a little for the trails but as affordable as possible. Doesnt have to look nice, interior no big deal, etc. As long as it is good mechanically and can make it to trails and back for the most part. Thanks:cheers2:

dnrisden 04-10-2007 02:29 PM

CO2 anyone?

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