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gudoldboy 09-18-2008 07:07 AM

Fundraiser at Mid America Motorplex, Glenwood Iowa
Hey Ya'll....
Just wanted to post this to remind you! This Sunday is Meet Nate Day at Mid America Motorplex!!!! This is it, your chance to met the one and only Nate Dog!!! It is a once in a lifetime chance... This is the cheapest you are going to be able to enjoy a day at the track. 5 Bucks to get in. 15 Bucks if you want to race your street car. Check out the attatched posters for more information.

Now for the serious part... Nate is a 9 Month old little boy. His Grandfather is one of my closest friends. Nate needs your help. Its that simple... Nate has lost his eyesight, hearing, and speach, due to a brain stem stroke. I am asking you as fellow Jeeper's to come out and help support my close friends. If you cant make it I understand, Just keep this little guy in your prayers at the least. The Dr's dont have much faith. WE DO!

I am looking forward to seeing you all at the track Sunday!!
Thanks Again!

The time now is 05:15 PM.

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