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Iron Rock Offroad Experience

Hey all, just wanted to share my experience with IRO. Feel free to skip to the short version of this story.

Long/whole Story
I decided to go with IRO based off of the poor things I had heard about Burnsville Offroad. So I went to IRO since I had heard good things about them. So I went to setup an appointment for a regear and to sleeve the front axle. I could have had a friend do both of these things, but I figured axles are pretty important, so I played it safe and went to IRO. I went in to talk to them and see what needed to be done, they told me that it was a pretty simple process and all I needed to do was to setup an appointment, so I setup an appointment for next week while I was there. The next week I bring my Jeep in for its appointment, I was told that I should bring it in in a few days, because they weren't ready for it. IRO is an hour from my house, So I left the Jeep there anyways and I reminded them that I was on a bit a time crunch, which I had told them when I setup the appointment. At the next of the next day I called to see if they had been able to get the Jeep in, they said no, but they promised me multiple times that it would be done the next day. So I called later on the next day to see if it was done. I was told that they only had the rear half done and it would now be done in a few days. I reminded them that they had promised me the Jeep by the end of the day yesterday. So they said they would stay a bit late to finish it(which I thanked them for multiple times). Later on that day I went to go pick it up and confirming that it was done. When I got there the Jeep was done, they tried to raise the price by about $500, pretty lame in my mind, but we eventually agreed on the original price. I handed them my cash, grabbed my keys and ran for the door due to how I had been treated by them for the past few days. I figured whatever, let em be and move on. I figured that would be the end of my relationship with IRO and though it wasnt a good one, it wasnt the worst. About a year goes by, I love the gears and havent had any problems with them and I had taken a job out in CO and no longer lived in MN. Well one night driving my Jeep home at about 35mph I hear a clunk from the rear end. I pull over and have it flat-bedded home. The next day I take off the diff cover and take a look inside and what do i find? A ring gear bolt wedged between the ring gear and the carrier. So I pull out chunks of my pinion for about 20 minutes. After that I take some pictures and call IRO. I left Zack a voicemail about the current state of my Jeep. He calls me back the next morning, we discussed what the problem was and what had happened. It was a simple answer of what happened, they were just simply being lazy and didnt use Loctite on any of the bolts. So Zack tells me he was going to talk to Josh about the situation. A few days go by and I hadnt heard from Zack, so I give him a call to see if he had talked to Josh, which he had, but for some reason not called me back even though he said he would. He got the OK from Josh to go ahead and send me new parts. Then the subject of paying to have the gears installed came up, I told zack that I could see if my buddy could help me install the gears to keep IRO and my cost down. But as we all know work doesnt come free. So I talk with my mech to see how much it was going to cost to get the rear ring and pinion installed, he told me $300. Not a bad price. So when I asked Zack to help me pay to have the ring and pinion installed. He said he would have to talk to Josh again. A few days go by and I get my first "new" set of ring and pinion. The ring has a pretty big chip in it and made it unusable. I called Zack and sent pictures of the gear. He agreed and sent me a 2nd set of gears, which I received yesterday. What do I find? Chips in the ring and pinion. This time we decided that they would work. Then we came back to the topic of who was going to pay for them to be installed, Zack told me that if the Jeep was at IRO they would warranty the work, but not if it was in CO, which is where it is, due to fact that that is where I live. Since this is the 2nd time we've had this conversation and he had told me he was not going to help pay for the install, I pointed out that a 3 second task of putting Loctite on bolts was not a very hard job he told me that it wasn't it wasnt IRO's fault. What!? you'll send me new gears and agree with me that it was in fact their fault but not help fix it? Yea that is the case. Zack told that if it was in MN they would fix it and that would be the end of it. But since Im in CO it's my fault that the bolt walked out. So now I currently have a un drivable Jeep, which is my DD and less money because I need to pay for a 2nd regear. So I pretty much handed IRO a lot of money last year and have nothing but a blown up D44 to show for it. Who doesnt want that? I dont. I also have not enjoyed not having my DD for almost a month now. The bolt walked out in early Aug, its now almost Sept and I still DON'T have a Jeep to drive. Throughout the entire experience I have had at IRO it has been poor, now extremely poor. I paid a lot of money to avoid this situation and look Im still in it, I have a broken gears, due to a sloppy install. I tried being nice and working with them, but after Zack has treated me as someone not worth a second of his time I am done trying to work with IRO in polite ways. This is not what I had hoped for. But as Zack has shown me the last few days, IRO doesnt care, nor do they want to stand by there work.

Short Story
I was treated poorly during and after the work had been done. Now they only want to hep out with half of the problem, I have gears but Im paying out of pocket to have the gears put in a 2nd time!!! I never once got a chance to talk to Josh, nor do I know what Zack told him. But if you want to pay a lot of money, be treated like crap and still have a broken Jeep, by all means go to IRO! but if not, go to a different shop. Seriously, I have not had more then one good interaction with IRO and the guys there dont really care about their "Guarantee" or what happens to you or your Jeep. Terrible customer service and extreme lack of intelligence when working on vehicles. I guess Loctite is something they havent figured out how to use yet and if they dont know how to use that, why should I trust them to have installed my gears correctly? Oh wait I cant, thats why my Jeep hasnt been able to move except with the help of flatbeds for almost a month!!

To IRO, you guys know what needs to be done to make this right, you have my number, you have email, contact me and lets make this right. I'm done being disrespected by Zack on the phone. This is not a complicated matter, it did not need to come to this, nor did I want it to.

Sorry for the story book.

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