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bearfilm 03-18-2012 09:26 AM

Gilbert Trail - beginner help!
Hey All,
My wife is behind heading up to check out the Gilbert Trails in the Jeep after coming back from a trip to Costa Rica and 4 wheeling it in a little Jimmy on some of those roads. We were also very lucky to have picked up a pop up on Craigslist for cheap so that we can get out and try to camp more... I have owned many jeeps but have mainly kept them on the pavement and am itching to take my JK on these trails. I understand that there are all levels off trails there and will will probably stick to the easier trails for now and I am aware that I need to register with the DNR.
My question is as Follows - Our jeep is mostly stock but do have some duratracs and recovery straps, do we need anything else to do these beginner trails? Shovels, fire ext, high lift, A/M skid plates or are we pretty much on tame trails that she will handle fine stock. Are there any intermediate trails that we can run stock as well?
Thanks in advance for the info, if this all is as fun as we hope, then we can look at beefing up the Jeep in the future, but right now she meets our needs.

bearfilm 03-20-2012 10:26 AM

Answering some of my own thread here but hopefully this helps others - when registering with the DNR as an ORV, you need to know the CC's of the engine. For the 3.8 L it is 3778cc - hopefully this makes it easier for someone else.

Still looking for general information as to what we need to navigate safely up there, I am cool if the beginner trails are basically dirt roads but am skeptical that I may need to bring an extra Jeep worth in parts in case I break anything!

rsq41 03-20-2012 09:14 PM

There are many easy to intermediate trails a JK can handle with no problem in Gilbert. It is always good to be out there with sombody else, just in case. But with that said, I usually drop in for an hour or two on my own when the opportunity presents itself. (And I'm only driving a WK) Start out exploring the core roads and the roads leading up to the high points. Then you can take it from there.

If you have not been to yet, take a look. Register and do a search for "Gilbert". Do not let the pics of massive obstacles discourage you. Most of these have bypasses. I just pull over and watch the big boys play before moving on.

Enjoy! :)

AlphaLorde 03-21-2012 07:56 AM

^^What he said^^
Yours will handle the core trails w/ ease.

Becareful on the trails that go up or into the woods, there are a lot of decent size rocks that will like to smoosh rocker panels.
There are a handful of trails like this that are a blast
Skids are highly recommended. On most of the trails I highly sagest no to go alone, or have a winch. If you could kinda just tag along with other rigs they usually help, and an easy way to make friends.

If you go slow and pick your line carefully most obstacles can be avoided. There is always an unexpected issue that you run into, and cant turn around. I'm going up mid to late april if you wanna meet up there. I'm going to spider lake on the 1st for the opener.

Do not try the mud pits, one of our guys on bb
dried the filter, took the plugs out cranked er over a few times, re-installed the dry plugs and she fired back up.

rsq41 03-21-2012 03:16 PM

Forgot about the mud pit! The visual reminder sure helps! ^^X2 on the rocker panels as well!! I woke up this morning wondering if a JK needs rocker protection as bad as a WK. Probably not... :fistlaugh:
But none-the-less, sliders/rocker protection would be a great first mod...

Oh, also forgot... Be prepared to air down the tires some... On the way in, after you cross the bridge, there is a maint. shed on the center left... Check and see if the air hoses are out and charged up... One of the bigger binds I got myself in out there involved more getting trapped than stuck... Tight corner, tree roots, etc... Got out with some creative use of tow straps, but had I aired down some, things would have probably gone much better!!! :facepalm:

Of course you won't be on such a trail on your own for the first trip... But someday you might be! :cheers2:

NuclearCookies 03-23-2012 03:58 PM

How difficult is the trails around spider lake? There are a few trails around where I hunt up near Pine River but nothing my jeep hasn't eaten with ease. I would liek to give it a workout but I have very limited time to scout trails (My wife hates it when I get distracted while heading somewhere "look honey I wonder where that old trail goes...")

bearfilm 03-23-2012 06:32 PM

Thanks for the feedback - sure looks like fun! Was the trail on the side of the hill off of one of the intermediate trails? That looked like some of the roads we drove in Costa Rica (less the iron content!)
I am on MN Jeep as well, but posted here first as it seems there are more regular posts, (except in this section.)

mn4wheeler 04-08-2012 10:26 AM

Gilbert is so awesome. The best advice is - just go. Bring a friend too. I have been there many times, always something new. I have seen a stock Liberty there, and it was doing fine. You should do well with a JK.

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