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tlgraham 01-09-2009 08:16 PM

Winter Trip
Coming up in the next month or so, I plan on making a trip up to North Dakota from Kansas. I'll start with the basics: 1994 2.5L YJ soft-top, Mobile Clean 5000 5w-30 synth blend, battery is a year old, and putting on new tires next weekend(General Grabber AT2's). I have the basic recovery stuff, a blanket, hoody, and an extra pair of boots in there already. Anti-freeze tests OK to -40 and I use rainx 2 in 1 washer fluid. Granted, Kansas winter is nothing compared to farther north, but I have been driving a 4x4 of some sorts in the winter since I turned 14. What else should I pack along or do to the Jeep to get it ready for some crappy/cold weather?

The time now is 02:33 PM.

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