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afbond03 10-09-2007 10:27 PM

Any jeepers around the Cheyenne area? I will be heading there in Nov. Curious to know what the area is like and what not.

blackruby 10-22-2007 06:00 PM

Pretty flat...
If you are in that neigborhood already, you can hit Curty Gowdy State Park due west of town (follow the signs) and from there travel trails to the Vedavo (sp) area. And while there, if you want to wheel some mountain trails go 32 miles west of Laramie (Laramie is only 45 mile west on I-80 of Cheyenne) and hit the Centenial, WY trails in the Snowy Range of the Rockies.
Have fun, be safe and welcome to Wyoming.

PS. If you decide to wheel these areas in November, take tire chains. You will be at and above 8000 feet at both places and it can get slick with deep snow.

Fargo 11-09-2007 06:11 PM

Is there any decent wheeling in the Laramie Mtns. My inlaws live in the Black Hills of SD and that would only be about another 2 hours for me to get to if the trails are worth it. I'd love to see pictures of the area if you have any.

silvergoat 11-13-2007 04:55 PM

Just a short drive from cheyenne to colorado for some good trails.

Fargo 11-13-2007 07:20 PM


Originally Posted by silvergoat
Just a short drive from cheyenne to colorado for some good trails.

Yeah, the problem is the 12 hour drive to Wyoming!

otej321 11-14-2007 09:26 PM

try south of encampment down to blackhall mt. or hogpark west to jack creek over to aspen alley to bags or rawlins thats where i live lots of trails just look around up in the shirley mts. good to any where in the medicine bow natl forrest lot of blm land to in wy

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