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KTM318 09-26-2010 09:35 PM

Questions about Wyoming
Hows the wheeling in Wyoming? Got some pictures? Im most likely going to be attending Wyotech Wyoming Campus for diesel mechanics in the next year. Im from Washington state and we have some good wheeling around here. So Im hoping theres gonna be some good wheeling there. Also I ride dirtbikes a lot. Any good motocross tracks around? I heard there is one close to my campus:drool:.

7thSon 09-27-2010 07:48 AM

Actually, Laramie is a great off roading town. There are hundreds of miles of forest service and other federal lands, state and county dirt roads and trails all around there. My son went to WyoTech and is a Volvo heavy eq mech now. He has an '89 YJ he rode a lot of trails all over there. And the moto track is just a few miles north of town. Seems there's always someone out there riding, too. Take your bike, your Jeep, your atv, and your sled. There's a lot of riding and Colo is just next door, too.

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