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oldtjdriver 10-05-2010 05:26 PM

Continental Divide Expedition
In 2011, we are planning a trip we are calling the Continental Divide Expedition. We are not familiar with the area of Montana the Divide goes through. Anyone there followed the Divide in Montana?

We are driving to the Canadian border in Glacier National Park then then turning south and following the Continental Divide (or as close to it as possible ) all the way to the border with Mexico. We would like to average about 200-300 miles per day during the trip. That will allow us to keep the trip in the 2-3 week range.

Looking at the map it would seem that most of the roads are paved. We are not afraid of taking our trip on the roads less traveled, if you know what I mean. That would slow us down a bit but it might be worth it.

We would be interested in points of interest along the way. We are planning to camp if the wildlife isn't too much of a problem. ie: Bears!!!!

Anyone from that area have any suggestions as to a possible route or places to avoid? Anyone interested in tagging along while we are in Montana?

Send a PM if you can help.

Thanks in advance,

oldtjdriver 06-15-2011 02:42 PM

The expedition is still planned for this August/September. Most of the details have been worked out. Still working on some of the minor details left to take care of.

Our route is planned and we have left room for deviating from that plan. Check it out here:

Bootz59401 08-06-2011 08:43 PM

Be advised....

There's a lot of road construction around through there right now. Especially around Glacier.

If you guys deviate to Great Falls, send me a pm.

The time now is 05:16 PM.

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