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Nick_Knipp 10-16-2010 09:16 PM

Middle GA Trails?
Sup y'all?? I got a 97 ZJ TSi and just bought a 95 YJ Rio Grande. The thing is I don't know any good trails that don't have 'private property' signs on them. Does anyone know any good trails in Middle Georgia, preferably Warner Robins area?:confused:

stanton3 10-16-2010 09:30 PM

Im in Macon...the only legal place ive been is riverrock orv in millegeville.

Nick_Knipp 10-16-2010 09:31 PM

Yeah I've heard of that place man, but its a long drive. Ain't there some trails in Perry or near the lakes? Only one I know is a trail that leads to Ocomulgee River off of Hwy96. Its fun after a heavy thunderstorm but I'm pretty sure it may have been a private road.

stanton3 10-17-2010 07:32 AM

Yea its a pretty long drive, its pretty cool though. Not sure about anything in Perry, and ive never heard of anything near the Ocomulgee but it sounds like fun. There are a couple spots in Macon that i go and only one has some good stuff.

Nick_Knipp 10-17-2010 07:42 AM

Ohh whats that one spot y'all go to? I'm open to any trails lol. Except if it needs rockcrawling =/

stanton3 10-17-2010 07:53 AM

Its in Macon, its off Crawford road which is off tucker road if you know where that is. Its basically no crawling, after it rains its some pretty deep mud bogging, but it has some trails too.

CJnaTJ 10-17-2010 03:58 PM

If ya'll find something south of ATL, let me know - I drove 2 hrs one-way up to north GA yesterday to get on some trails. I haven't heard of anything south of Atlanta so far.

stanton3 10-17-2010 06:40 PM

Riverrock is south of Atlanta.

Nick_Knipp 10-17-2010 07:51 PM

riverrock? sounds interesting, wheres that at

Slippery 10-18-2010 06:53 AM


Originally Posted by Nick_Knipp (Post 10297970)
riverrock? sounds interesting, wheres that at

Let me google that for you

bigjermLJ 10-18-2010 04:25 PM

This pops up every few weeks. GA has RiverRock, Beasley Knob (NE GA) and Durhamtown (East GA). Other than some forest service roads in North GA there really is nothing. Most of the "spots" you hear about are illegal even if a sign isnt posting. Make friends with some land owners or get ready to do some driving!

Nick_Knipp 10-18-2010 06:46 PM

Okay, might check out Durhamtown sometimes. Isn't there another place in Milledgeville?

bigjermLJ 10-19-2010 07:07 AM

That would be River Rock...

Louie4 10-21-2010 11:05 AM

River Rock is pretty fun but it's a private park and you have to rent it out with a club/group or wait for an open weekend. You might not like driving too far but I think it's worth it for the North Georgia region. I'm going to Beasley Knob this weekend for some camping and wheeling. It's got a lot of good hill climbs and a few difficult parts. If it rains up there don't bother going.

jawalterusmc 10-21-2010 11:55 AM


Originally Posted by Nick_Knipp (Post 10303409)
Okay, might check out Durhamtown sometimes. Isn't there another place in Milledgeville?

Durhamtown is great for ATV and motorcross but leaves a little to be desired when it comes to Jeeps. Its been over a year since I went there...shortly after they opened up a section for Jeeps...and you had two choices...DUST bowl or MUD bowl. Don't remember any natural obstacles...just some rocks piled up. But you can always check out their website for any current photos.

River Rock is really a nice basic ORV park with amenities like showers and toilets. They have limited electrical and water sources for RV and such. Several rustic cabins...very basic, and lot of camping areas. They have a garage with everything you could need to make repairs...and its use is free. They have alot of open rides, and yes you can reserve it both "exclusive and non exclusive" if you wanted. I have joined several "non-exclusive" rides there. Just need to check out the club or group that has it to make sure you are not joining up with any Nimrods who will leave you busted and on your own.

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