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1990cherokeeFSJ 02-19-2013 03:05 PM

lookin for some locals in Augusta
Was a longtime member over at NAXJA (almost 10 years), brief stay over on, but now I honestly camp over on pirate and RZRforums. I own a 1990 laredo 4 door cherokee. Completely stripped down and selling off all my new and used stock and aftermarket parts. I also have up for grabs a non-running, slightly dented (long story) 1990 jeep grand wagoneer for sale (it is whole, just not running, needs a carb). So if anyone is looking for EITHER of those, I got oogles of stuff im trying to get rid of. While I HAVE moved to the SxS world (2010 rzr "s"), I am still looking for some locals who know go wheeling around here. Just lookin' for some good trails and good folks to ride with. My friend Josiah (up at Marc Younts Tire) told me about JMA and I figured I would give it a shot. While i'm not a jeep driver right now, I do own 2 (have had 5 total since I was 18). So hit me up if you need some parts or just wanna ride locally.Haven't found too many local SxSers, but have seen plenty at durumtown and I got a few friends out of ATL.:cheers2:

The time now is 07:07 AM.

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