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USAFRecon 04-12-2013 02:23 PM

Selfless Promotion
I AM BACK!! All my Jeeps are still gone tho :(

But I am trying to find a CJ7, but at this moment I am here for a different reason...

Selfless promotion! :cheers:

My Mom n Dad run a Do-It-Yourself Auto Repair shop in Archdale, NC. Thought you guys of all people would want a lift you put your Jeeps on if you all wanted to do any kind of suspension work. If you guys are interested in this just drop on by! It is called "You Fix It" and it is on the corner of US 311 and Old Cedar Square Rd one light up from where you get on the 311 Bypass. 8718 Hwy 311. Come on by, rates are reasonable. $15/hr to rent out a bay not using the lift, $20/hr to utilize the lift. They do have half day and full day rates and they do headlight restos for $29.95, and oil changes for $25. Phone number to set up an appointment is 336-431-6594.

Mello03 04-12-2013 05:43 PM

Nice. It is always good to have access to a lift. Thanks for the heads up.

The time now is 05:37 PM.

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