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TJ98JeremyPrice 08-25-2013 12:58 PM

Kentucky Jeep Club Expands!
Louisville Jeep Owners Club (over 800+ members), has grown large over the last year and a half and now has expanded state-wide! No fees and the only rule is to respect your fellow Jeepers! All Jeep models are welcome! We are family friendly and gather several times a month, with one big ride event each month in places like LBL, Interlake, RRG, Badlands, Black Mountain, Horseshoe Bend, and many more! We do group camping, lodge visits, trail trips, and just simple MeetnGreets at places like Sonic and elsewhere! It's all about fun and enjoying your Jeep! A great place for new owners to Jeeps to come and learn and experience Jeepers to share their knowledge!

Look on Facebook and like the new front page for Kentucky Jeep Owners Club, then go to the page for the charter closest to you in Kentucky and Join up!

There are now Charters in:



Bowling Green:


All groups share the same associate in Kentucky Jeep Owners Club

The time now is 08:34 AM.

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