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MattBillyTayloe 02-12-2013 04:07 PM

Starr motors offroad day
I'm sure a lot of you wheeled it last year, what do I have to look foreword to? How difficult is the "trail"

Kevin108 02-16-2013 09:50 PM

Some pics of the course at
And lots more at

XJ-lvl 02-17-2013 08:07 PM

when is this?

i clicked the link and tried to sighn up id like to attend some of the meets,its said something about my account is pending?

Kevin108 02-18-2013 06:24 AM

March 23rd.

MattBillyTayloe 02-18-2013 09:43 AM

March 23rd is the vA4WD thing,

There is another day in may also

MattBillyTayloe 02-18-2013 09:49 AM

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Here, lol

bigdhamYJ 02-20-2013 09:11 AM

With the exceptions of the large rock garden (Juggernaut) and the deep mud pit (Bogger Bottom) the course has something for stock to wild. I went once in my old ZJ on 31's and did ok, but Off-Road day is usually when it gets PACKED! It's a small course/area so when you have 100+ Jeeps and wheelers show up it gets cramped quick. The Off-Road day is open to anyone who registers/pays so you get everybody and their brother who's got a 4 wheeled vehicle with 4wd in VA that shows up. The last time I went, I just watched because it was way too packed for me! That being said, Starr Motors does a great job putting on these events!

Kevin108 02-20-2013 11:40 AM

I forgot you were on here, Dave! Great explanation.

bigdhamYJ 02-20-2013 11:47 AM


Originally Posted by Kevin108 (Post 15003256)
I forgot you were on here, Dave! Great explanation.

Yea I've been on for a little while, I started a build thread for the YJ, but now that it's no longer my DD I've just been tinkering with it. I'll be updating my build thread soon. I don't think I'll be at the off-road day, but if they do a club/picnic day I may go. No telling though! :cheers2:

Kevin108 02-23-2013 07:19 AM

Ever figure out if you need those shims?

The time now is 09:59 AM.

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