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lynskynbnd 05-06-2013 06:12 PM

Off-Camber Crawlers Annual 101-201 Off-Road Classes July 20-21 2013
Off-Camber Crawlers Annual 101-201 Off-Road Classes July 20-21 2013

Who: Open to the public. All interested in 4x4's; new, old, experienced, beginner. (Must sign-up in advance)
What: Organized off-road skills classes and behind the wheel training (in your vehicle)
When: July 20th and July 21st, Drivers’ Meeting 9:00am
Where: The Cove Campground near Gore, VA
Space is Limited, Sign up today!

Two class offerings:
•101 – Intro to Off-Roading - Getting Ready for the Trail, Know Your Vehicle, and Negotiate Terrain
•201 – Intermediate Skills - Field Vehicle Repair & Recovery and Intermediate Driving Skills
•* Note: Both classes will start Saturday morning until around lunch, and then each class will head out on the trail for further instruction. Sunday will be only on the trail instruction.

Topics Covered:
•Getting to Know Your 4WD Vehicle
•What to Bring; tools, gear and parts
•Wheeling basics, vehicle and its systems (4wd drive train components, traction devices, clearance, angles, flex/droop, etc.)
•Wheeling basics, the terrain and driving (Mud, water, logs, rocks, trails, hills, off-camber, driving techniques, negotiating obstacles)
•Trail Repairs (Drive-line removal/install, U-joint replacement, axle pull, setting a bead, temporary trail repairs, etc.)
•Spotting and Guiding
•Introduction to Recovery
•Advanced recovery, snatch-block, multiple winches, etc.
•Driving Exercise: Drive various terrain, obstacle negotiation, spotting, winching, etc.

How to Sign up?
•you will need to join OCC’s Yahoo! Group
•Send an e-mail:
•Provide the following information: ◦Full Name
◦Desired class (101 or 201)
◦Days you will attend (Sat Only or both Sat and Sun)
◦Vehicle year and model
◦Passenger info

Specific Information for Attendees:
•Schedule of Events (subject to change):
•See the Flyer
•You must fill this out and bring it with you: Medical Release/Information Form
•You must fill this out and bring it with you: Liability Release Form
•You must be 18 years of age to participate or 16 with parent or guardian present.
•OCC is not charging anything for this event.
•The Cove Campground charges camping fees and land use fees to off-road, remember to bring cash for this.
•The Cove fees are as follows (subject to change): $13 per night camping, $25 per day to drive off-road, $15 per day for passengers off-road)
•Information and Directions to the Cove Campground.
•OCC will have a raffle and tickets sold for $1. Prizes include gift certificates to 4x4 shops, etc.
•Bring food and drink for the duration of your stay.
•Become familiar with Tread Lightly Etiquette
•Check out OCC's calendar of upcoming events and our membership info if you are interested in joining the club. [/b]

lynskynbnd 05-27-2013 09:04 PM

The 101-201 is filling up!

This is a great set of classes for the new to off-road crowd all the way up to those with lots of experience.

Off-Camber Crawlers does not charge for the class, however The Cove does charge camping/land use fees.

Sign up for a full weekend of learning and wheeling!

lynskynbnd 07-01-2013 09:03 PM

Over 40 rigs signed up so far, and still room for a few more.

The time now is 11:00 AM.

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