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sanchagrins 03-30-2013 06:30 AM

Crozet Land Use Issues


The Albemarle zoning office says a group that organizes off-road events in Crozet is violating county ordinance.

The parties involved have been served with a notice after a lengthy investigation.

County officials say the Rock Crawlers for Preservation of Future Access (RCPFA) group has been advertising and hosting activities on a piece of Crozet property - and it's against zoning regulations.
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The two OHV clubs I've been to both wheel at Crozet, and I'd hate to see another place close. I received this information in an email and it was suggested by one member to notify Carla Boucher and the Blue Ribbon Coalition.

I've posted this in the North Carolina forum too, as I know a few NC clubs that visit there too (my former club included).

wilywillie 03-30-2013 10:41 AM

"The activity goes beyond friends and family and word of mouth interests. There is a club that involves some type of membership that is even being advertised out of state. So it goes from somebody's private use of their property to something that is regulated by zoning," McCulley said.

Zoning officials say that the group must get a proper permit to continue activities in the future.
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Keep the government a**holes out by not openly advertising, I hope. KMA Albemarle County:cheers2:

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