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JBentley 05-01-2013 04:06 PM

Anybody good w/the YJ 4-banger in NoVa?
I could make it worth your while if you were.

I've been having running issues for a while and I've tried everything I know. Most importantly I've just lost the desire to fix it. I've rebuilt or touched every piece of the thing but can't get it running right so I don't drive it.
You can search the forum and see the history but I've replaced or tested everything with the engine but I'm missing something. I recently got wind of "adjusting" the idle motor with the .9v battery but like I said I've lost the energy to keep messing with it.

If your in the area and have advice or like a good challenge let me know. I'd be forever indebted.

The time now is 01:09 PM.

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