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Bipolar 04-30-2013 04:42 AM

Ugh!!!!!! Where to begin?!3 weeks ago, during an offroad adventure, at night none the less, I had a lapse in judgement, and ended up putting my Zj in about 5ft of water! It went in front end first, and only the front area got wet. Motor died right away, but I still had power. As the front floor pans started to fill, the electrical started going nuts. The truck was tilted forward, like going over an edge. So only the front got wet.Sadly, it took us over 5hrs to get it out(long story), and in that time, I lost all power. Once we got it out, and to my buddys house, we drained the oil, cleared the cylinders of any water, etc, and put a different battery in it. I could not get power of the ignition to start it, but if we bump it off the started solenoid, she will fire right up.My windows dont work, ignition dont work, lights flash, wipers are on, even if the switch is off. Im sure u can imagine.I still have to drain the tank, do the plugs, wires, cap, tcase fluid, trans fluid, diff fluid, coolant, etc. Once im done with that, I have to try and find my electrical gremlins.*I know itll be a miracle if it runs again, in a normal way, but I cant give up.What I need help with, or suggestions with, is where to start with the electrical?! Any tips or tricks? Key places to check like interior fuse panels, fuseable links, relays, etc?Anyone else with a ZJ been thru this? Should I just right it off, and part it out?To answer a few obvious questions u may ask:It took 3 weeks to start on it because it was trapped in a flooded yard. The weekend after it happened, we got floods here. Had to wait on the water to go down.I was not drunk, I was parking on the channels edge, and got too close, and the ground gave way lol.It took 5hrs, because we had to find a truck big enuff to pull it out, and not get stuck in the process, due to the incline my jeep was on.I think that covers it.......


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