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WI_JeepNutz 11-11-2010 05:33 PM

Southern Wisconsin Off Road Trails
I'm not asking you guys to give up your secret unmarked off road trails. Just wondering where there are some off road trails that I can test my ride on. I live in Brown Deer, WI so anywhere within an hour or two would be great.

DallastheJeeper 11-11-2010 11:10 PM

I am going to have to add to this PLEASE I NEED TRAILS

DustinS 11-14-2010 06:25 PM

I'd like an answer to this as well. I'm in Baraboo and although there's an abundance of walking, biking, skiing, hunting access, and snowmobile trails, there doesn't seem to be anything for the Full-size offroad enthusiast.

My family owns some land that I bomb around on, but 40 acres doesn't leave much for trail length.

warrior99 12-03-2010 06:41 PM


Originally Posted by DallastheJeeper (Post 10439002)
I am going to have to add to this PLEASE I NEED TRAILS


nseaman 01-07-2011 08:15 PM

Well you guys are not alone. I'm in the Watertown area, and I have been in this state for three years and have not found a single trail. I am originally from California and was able to go out every weekend. Surely there has to be something around here thats not some old guys farm. I have taken just about every dirt road I find in hopes of it turning into something promising. But haven't had luck yet.

subtlez28 01-16-2011 11:16 PM

Bummer, I was really hoping to see some ideas here.

DallastheJeeper, where is Wisconsin, Wisconsin? lol

SilverJeepTJ 01-18-2011 06:09 PM

Ive been Looking for a few years, sad answer is that there really isnt any where open to the public, the nearest place is the "pipeline" in lakewood,wi but I hear that is being shut down by the DNR. There are some roads up north in the nationl forest that you can drive on, but make sure you get a motor vehicle use map from a ranger station, wouldnt wanna be cought by those guys on a closed trail.

If you find any where local please let me know too, thanks

yotefever 01-18-2011 08:09 PM

For a thousand dollars I can send you a map with all the secrete trails in southern WI. :D Unfortunately not much for trails down here in southern WI.

I have lived here all my life but am new to jeeps and offroading.
I found a jeep club having meetings right in my town and joined and they have some private land to wheel but it's a five hour ride for me.
The pipeline is still open but I would advise going with someone responsible that will stay on trails and not do things to irritate the dnr. ;)
I found and joined WOHVA which is involved with the Jeep Jamboree and is working with groups from around the state to get a ohv park started here in WI. There is some encouraging news on their website about it.
I have gone on some rides with some great people from and they just had a ride last weekend that I couldn't make but sure wish I could have. They have a bunch of pics up on the web site.
There is also the brew city crawlers in se wi and damage inc which has a fund raiser coming up in Feb in Brookfield at a comedy club.
Brew City Crawlers also go to Indiana at the Badlands but I have never been there.

rovernev 03-04-2011 05:52 PM

Southern Wisconsin Off-Road Vehicle Trails
Hi..... I'm probably going to upset everybody here by telling you that I do NOT have a Jeep, but I have a Range Rover......(2003 HSE). I am an ex-Brit, moved to Madison a few years ago, and I need some off-road therapy. I have driven around in Southern Wisconsin's rural areas, trying to find the elusive perfect off-road rocky swamp, but without any luck. Show me the MUD! Simon.

Hesher420 05-08-2011 10:11 AM

There really are no public trails in southern WI. You're best bet is to join a club who has access to private lands that they wheel on.

Two groups I know of in WI are and

CJ7-Tim 05-08-2011 10:21 AM

Find and join a 4x4 club, start here ->

Google: Apple Valley Farms, Flat Fender Farms, North Woods Off-Road, Ma and Pa Rockers, and Dresser Memorial. Individual or 4x4 Club Members of the Midwest4wda can use the Dresser trails on membership only weekends.

GLHTay 05-09-2011 07:06 PM

This thread makes me :( . I have a lead on a place in the Broadhead / Avon area that I will be checking out this week. I will report back hopefully with good news.

theducksguts 05-10-2011 07:07 AM

It's not far to the Cliffs in Illinois. The Badlands in Indiana is also a worthwhile trip.

frogman200 12-10-2011 06:39 PM

The Cliffs are insane! Tons of good mud and climbs.

theducksguts 12-11-2011 10:25 AM

It's been awhile and I have since moved away from WI but joining a club is really the best bet. You have to know people with land, that helps a lot.

Apple Valley Farms is a great trip, along with the Dresser events.

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