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jesse18 09-26-2013 11:18 PM

Moving to New Mexico from Kentucky. love my jeep
Got a job offer in Albuquerque. My wife, 15 month old daughter and my dog and i are making a life decision and getting the heck out of dodge. She will also have a nice job waiting fit her. We are staying at my uncles for a while in Sandia Park until we can save and find a shack to call home. Bringing the Jeep by trailer and my xr 250 to possibly sell towards a legal dual sport.
So my question is where are the near by trails and what should we go check out first?
This will be my 6th trip to NM by the way so i am a little familiar with it

jesse18 09-28-2013 07:54 AM

So does no one have a Jeep in new Mexico? 62 views i guess i should move there and open a Jeep dealership lol

rambo3489 09-28-2013 09:02 AM

Hey man. I'm in ABQ. The nearest area to wheel is the Rio Puerco. Or southern as some people call it. Its west of Bernallilo. You follow Southern all the way until it ends and it runs you right into it. The Puerco has it all, and is a good place to explore because it is so close.

You can take it up round Cedeo peak if you want some mountain type trails. You get off in Tijeras on highway 14 south. Just use a map to find a forest road.

The Jemez mountains are pretty cool for a weekend camping / trail riding trip. The same goes for the Manzano Mountains. Each is about an hour away.

Socorro is an hour away which is where Gordys OHV park is. There are some pretty tough trails out there.

Were going to try and find a trail called Jaws of Death next weekend. If I remember I'll report back with the findings there.

Tank trap in Santa Fe is a cool trail. But has recently been closed.

I know Las Cruces and Farmington have quite a few good trails. But have never been.

SW Colorado is a 6 hour drive but some of the beet mountain wheeling around exists there. (Imogene, Engineer, Black Bear, Holy Cross, ect)

AND of course MOAB is 6-7 hours away too. Which is a MUST do at some point in time.

There are probably more close by. But I just finished my rig a little over a month ago so haven't taken it out all that much yet.

The time now is 05:28 PM.

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