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DezertTJ 05-29-2013 11:36 PM

ReGear in AZ
Hi everyone, I'm looking to regear my 4cyl TJ soon. I live in Flagstaff and don't know of any cheaper places to get a regear. I know American Spring can do it, but probably not cheap. I know PHX shops usually do it cheaper, but is it worth the drive down?

If there are no good shops in Northern AZ, Anyone have a d35/d30 with 4.88s for cheap?

mrdeath2000 05-30-2013 12:25 PM

Phoenix - AZ Differential on 29th and Weldon, not the other AZ diff.
Mesa - Letzroll Offroad, Andrew.

Call your local shops about regear cost because depending how busy shops are down here you dont want it to take an extra day and spend the night lol. Also, consider calling a shop to see about getting an 8.8 and 4.88's. Might be worth waiting to save up the cash to do it. Both of the shops above can do 8.8 swaps, or they can make up the 8.8 to go and you install.

The time now is 04:09 AM.

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