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joe002 02-24-2013 09:17 PM

Great day for wheeling in AZ

BaddAndy 02-24-2013 09:59 PM

Come on, only one pic?

joe002 02-24-2013 10:05 PM

Ha, yeah I do have some more - Iíll post them up tomorrow.

That one just turned out to be a nice shot of a trail out here in AZ, with the mountains, blue sky, Jeeps, and thereís water right now.

Billy 02-25-2013 05:22 AM

Pretty sweet Joe. Where did you end up going? looks a little like Box Canyon, but I've been wrong before.

joe002 02-25-2013 07:36 PM

No on this trip we were in Turkey Creek.

There were a lot of river rocks to cross:

Heading up this fun obstacle:

And getting a little air coming down the other side:

There's not a lot of room for error on this ledge:

fueljunkie 02-25-2013 08:22 PM

I really want to do Turkey creek someday.

joe002 02-25-2013 08:48 PM

I had been meaning to do it for a while too. It was a fun trail.

Billy 02-28-2013 02:35 AM

Where is the turnoff for the turkey creek run? Is it over by bumble bee?

joe002 02-28-2013 06:31 PM

Yeah, it's in the new Wells book.

Billy 03-01-2013 03:42 AM


AZdEvilYJ 03-01-2013 08:52 AM


Originally Posted by joe002 (Post 15056169)
Yeah, it's in the new Wells book.

Whats the wells book?

joe002 03-01-2013 09:46 AM

Oh, sorry. Charles Wells writes "the" books for offroading in AZ, CO, UT and CA (I don't have any of the CA books yet, but they look good). He personally comes down and runs the trails and does the write-up.

Last summer we went to Moab the first time for us and the others, and we ran 14 of the trails up there with only his book as the guide. We didn't have any problems.

He recently updated the AZ book and included Turkey Creek. If you look at the link, one of the pictures is of Area 3 - and you can see Turkey Creek (Trail 32). He doesnít' show the write up for Turkey Creek, but does for Backway to Crown King. You can see the details and hints he includes, the GPS coordinates, and pictures. He does a good job.

I always get my books directly from him because I like the spiral binding. You can open the book all of the way and fold it back on itself with the spiral binding. I have noticed that on the newer books they come with spiral binding but they now include a cardboard piece to hide the spiral binding. I like to open the book back on itself so I cut off the cardboard piece and it functions properly.

I havenít met him personally, but I have talked with others that have met him and they say heís a great guy. When he goes out to do an area he contacts the locals and asks who wants to do the trails with him so he can get better information on the trail and see the trouble spots for various types of Jeeps. I know some of the people in the pictures in the new AZ book. Unfortunately, I wasnít able to go out when he was down the last time.

Anyway, I wouldnít hesitate to recommend his books to anyone.

fueljunkie 03-01-2013 11:46 AM

What he said.

AZdEvilYJ 03-01-2013 01:01 PM

Sweet! Just ordered it. I've seen it at 4wheelparts before, but I like the idea of the spiral spine

joe002 03-01-2013 01:38 PM


Originally Posted by AZdEvilYJ (Post 15060454)
Sweet! Just ordered it. I've seen it at 4wheelparts before, but I like the idea of the spiral spine

Yeah, itís hard for the local stores to stock every option.

Almost every trail is on two opposite pages, so you can open it up, fold it back and keep your place. If you got the new AZ book then it will have that cardboard thing that hides the spiral and you'll have to cut it off the make it fold right - you don't have to cut off the covers, just the side thing. If you don't want to fold it over then it's fine the way it comes.

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