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allenoffroad 06-14-2010 08:51 PM

Wheeling in NV
On my way from LA to Vegas this weekend. Can anyone recommend a good place to wheel around NV border - off I15??

Muddybrit 06-14-2010 09:15 PM

What sort of difficulty? Potato ridge aka rocky road to red rocks is a great half day trail with enough to keep it interesting on the 160 out to Pahrump. Goodsprings trail runs from Jean on the I15 over to the 160, nothing difficult but a nice scenic drive 2hrs tops. Devils canyon, to the left of the I15 just before Jean, an old mine trail that climbs up into the foothills, has a great challenging wedge and some good steps 2-3 hrs and fairly technical. Bitter springs trail, goes from the valley of fire (50 miles north of vegas on the I95) and brings you out on Lake mead shore road. Logandale trail network. Or just head up onto Mount Charleston and pick any number of trails, google earth works well here for plotting coords and it will be about 20 degrees cooler then in the valley. Let me know and i'll give you some more details.

Jerry Bransford 06-14-2010 09:26 PM

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It's not in Nevada but it's just off I-15 ten or fifteen miles past Barstow next to and just past Calico Ghost Town. Two trails out there called Odessa Canyon and Doran Canyon are in spectacular red rock canyons that are awesome. Odessa Canyon is, by far, the easier trail of the two with Doran having a very (!!!) difficult entrance called The Gatekeeper.

The first two pics are of Odessa Canyon, the next two pics are of Doran Canyon. That's my red TJ you see in the pics, all of these are old pics. I highly recommend Odessa Canyon, it's a spectacular canyon. Only do Doran if your Jeep is built strongly, its opening is very (!) tough.

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