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VegasJeep 06-30-2008 10:45 AM

Did a little Deer hunting scouting over the weekend
Nothing to exciting. Saw 3 WT Bucks and 2 Muley Bucks and about a dozen does.

Actually got the Jeep in the dirt :D

This wooden post in the Barbwire fence IS mexico.... LOL

Looking across Mexico

more deer

VegasJeep 06-30-2008 10:47 AM

And the Truck!!!

This Truck which is an 03-07 Chevy Quad Cab Diesel. I first saw or found this truck Bag in February where it was there for very short period of time as the entire thing was in tact and unmolested. The radio was inside, nothing had ben stripped off of it. I could see from where it was it tried to climb out of the canyon and the Chevy could not do it. (the jeep climbed right out of it.)
THere were boards laid in the ruts where he tried to make traction. He obviously left it and had a 10 mile walk back to the nearest road where he MIGHT have been picked up. If not it was another 10 mile walk. As seen in the mexico picture it is not friendly walking terrain.
now being July the Truck has had the radio and speedo cluster stripped out of her and a few other things but it is still rather in good condition for being here for over 5 months. I am guessing as it is still here that after being stuck it was reported stolen. Or who knows many people die out here looking for help.

Oh, and the Duramax and allison are still installed. It appears as the nail in the coffin was the broken tie rod.

VegasJeep 06-30-2008 10:48 AM

some jeep pics

The time now is 05:33 AM.

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