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DRAKEOFFROAD 06-03-2011 04:02 PM

Auto to Manual Trans trade?
Maybe far fetched but I have an '01 TJ with the 32RH 3 speed auto in it. I've always been a fan of manual transmissions and would love to find someone interested in doing a straight trade. I'm talking park them side by side in the drive and swap everything down to pedal sets and all. I would prefer an AX15 5 speed manual but would also consider the newer NV3550. I would even consider the 6 speed NSG370 as well but I'm guessing that's a far fetched trade but hey, never know...

We'd trade out everything needed. Until both are drivable and both parties are happy. I'm more then mechanically inclined to do the swap and would love to find someone equally helpful. We could do it at my house as I have everything needed.

Maybe a dream but heck, I know a lot of the crawlers want the 32RH and well, I just want a manual. It's the only thing I fudged on when I purchased my jeep and if I could line up a swap I'd be more then thrilled!

Let me know if interested...


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