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skream 06-27-2009 05:27 PM

Anyone in Vegas want to help change a clutch?
My throwout bearing has been going bad for several months now and today I was driving by Red Rock and my 5th gear started making a ridiculously loud and bad sound. Performance didn't change, and gears 1 - 4 work fine and dandy so rather than drive in 4th gear for the rest of the clutch's life, I suppose it's just time to change it.

I've never changed a clutch but I have a Hayne's manual and I'll probably be doing the work at the auto hobby place on Nellis Air Force Base (unless you have a better place?). They have lifts and supposedly all the tools I will need.

Anyone feel like lending a hand? I don't have much to offer. But I can throw a case of beer and some food at you for sure. I'm off this Tuesday, and if that doesn't work then I'm off on Friday as well. Also, I don't think we can drink beer while working on base... military and safety blah blah.

The time now is 12:02 AM.

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