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Mike934 10-06-2013 02:56 AM

In need do a complete d30 w/ 3.55s
Well guys the wife's jeep for whatever reason started having a nasty *** growl in the d30. Find out bearings are toasted, and metal glitter in the oil. Scrap that d30 & grab 1 off craigslist claiming to have 3.55s...turns out it soundly 3.07.
I bolted it in, bled the brakes. Ready to rock. Wife says did you check the fluid...pull the cover drain it and check the r&p. Find out it soundly 3.07 :thumbdown:

More pissed I did all the work to find out the mismatch gears. Glad I didn't run a transfercase though.

Does anyone have one kicking around that's in runnable condition? I can swap on knuckles, brakes ect no worry just need matching gears. I was hoping a local would be willing to do a straight swap..maybe you've got a spare? One to build ect? Maybe know a dismantling shop that'd be wiling to swap my 3.07 d30 for a 3.55?

Its a 3.07 high pinion d30 non disco. I NEED a 3.55 non disco. I'm even willing to take a low pinion.

jbolty 10-06-2013 09:44 AM

where are you located?

pick your part is half off next weekend

Mike934 10-07-2013 02:37 PM

Got lucky and a local jeeper who owned a xj still had a d30/c8.25. Guess he swapped in built axles at some point. But he gave me the complete caliper to caliper d30 for 40 bucks :)
Super stoked. Gonna gusset the c's, custom lower shock mounts, mini truss & control arm skids before I goes in.

The time now is 06:19 AM.

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