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deerassassin22 02-21-2011 07:33 PM

Well just renamed thread sorry for the confusion what do I need to fix prior to hitting the Island. I hear the vehicle inspection is a Mother !!!!!!. So what do I need to do.

OhanaTrails 02-23-2011 02:15 PM

Hope this helps....
From our website, written by one of our customers...........

RECON inspection location: If you haven't been there before you might miss it...I did. Go east on H1 to town and exit 25a (king St) stay in the middle lane and turn left at the light...1112 Kapahule Ave. Honolulu Phone number is 733-2542. The station is actually under the bridge and just has a couple of for taxi inspection and the other for RECON. Pull into the coned lane and go to the trailer on your left.

- You need an alignment check within 30 days of the inspection. Once inspected, if you fail anything you have 90 days to get the item(s) fixed.

- Once approved you are good to go until you make another mod...this includes new bumpers....I asked as I need a bumper to get my heavy spare off my tailgate.

- Flares...their not to picky, but they should be pretty close to the reaching edge of the tires.

- Lift/tires...I only have a 4" lift with 33" tires, but it wasn't an issue at all.

- Exhaust...mines after market and noisy, but he didn't seem to care as long as I identified it.

- Mud Flaps...rear only required...needs to cover the width of the tire and half the depth of the tire...I bought the teraflax version (18x12) from Rich wherein the pic is below...not pretty, but they're quick release and makes you legal.

BS stuff:

I failed for two reasons, 1) no mud flaps (fixed) and 2) the Ohana Trails banner. The inspector says you can't have anything blocking the drivers view. The banner in my mind is okay as the visor blocks my view more than the banner does, but I didn't want to argue and fail more items.
Hope this helps others who might be looking to get a RECON.

****NEW STUFF****

(comments below are from my visit today with a diff inspector, so results may vary

1. Do after market lights require a DOT stamp.
- After market is not issue...only headlights need to be DOT...he suggested covering after market for inspection.
- NO blue colored lights of any kind to include after market.
- Headlight center to ground must be less than 53"

2. Where's the pamphlet/list of items required to pass recon. Gotta be something in writing somewhere.
- He gave me Title 19 Chapter 134...Found this page with all chapters

and here's Chapter 134 ... 34%20July%2024%201986.pdf's written by lawyers and open for interpretation...even has a appeal section. If we want to challenge the banner issue, the next person who fails because of the banner should start the appeal.

3, Ask about the banner....drop down you visor and have him explain how it doesn't block your vision but a smaller banner does? (only after you pass of course)
- This guy was down to earth and related the banner to military policy...we may not like it, but it's there. He also said as I drive out the gate he won't see me again and I may have to get a new banner every year after in inspection...then he denied saying that (never tell a federal agent something and then try to deny it ) I looked for something about stickers/banners in the Chapter 134 and didn't see it, but to get the sticker I guess we're at the mercy of the inspector.

Other items:

Bumpers: If you get a new bumper or other mod for that matter, you DON'T need to pay again...just go to RECON and update you paperwork. If you need to replace your bumper that has the sticker on it, you need to go to RECON to get a new charge.

Floor board: I have no carpet and my plug holes are open. He said I should cover this up for inspection...didn't seem to bother him though...maybe because the first guy didn't catch it.

Body Lift: If you lift the BODY, the gap cannot be more than 3" total...I did read this in the Chapter 134 rules.

Suspension Lift: He didn't say anything about lift other than the headlight measurement of 53" to the ground.

Mud Flaps: Temp flaps confirmed OK...he talked about folks using some type of garden panel material to make they don't need to be pretty, just attached.

deerassassin22 02-23-2011 08:23 PM

JEEP MUDFLAPS :rantscream:

Will have to get the mudflaps my rig is in the photo all that really applies so far. I will be putting on a Currie 4" lift when I hit the ground and get settled in also so I assume that wouldn't be aproblem as well. Just real nervous thats all so I get my Jeep as soon as it hits the island and can drive it but have to get the sticker within 10days correct?

deerassassin22 03-01-2011 09:09 PM

How are the trails and is this your inspection station?

The time now is 11:09 PM.

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