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Sparrows 12-21-2012 03:27 PM

Place to learn mechanics around Boise
Hey all!
New to the forums here. I've been a jeep owner for about 8 years and used to wheel with a group back in high school and a bit with some folks down in southern cali when I was working down there. Did a bit of trail riding over the years but nothing too serious and ended up taking a long break due to life just getting in the way. I'm just finally finding the time/money to get back into it with a vengeance! :thumbsup:

Anyways, I've got pretty much zero experience wrenching. My high school didn't have a "shop class," and my family (including myself) is full of carpenters and other tradesmen, but not a mechanic one, and so my experience working on cars is pretty much limited to changing the odd battery/tire/etc. I'm really wanting to build my jeep up myself (at least the lift/sye/lights, sound system, etc) and am wondering where around here a guy could educate himself a bit.

I really don't mind trial by error, but my YJ is my DD so I can't really afford to really mess something up and be out of a vehicle for more than 3-4 days.

So does anyone know of any classes I could take in basic vehicle maintenance? Or a local shop friendly enough to teach a total noob? I'm a scary fast learner so all I need is a bit of guidance. Or maybe one of you in my area would be willing to hook up and show me the ropes? I can toss in a six pack or two for your troubles! :cheers2:

Thanks in advance!

BOISERUNNER 01-15-2013 03:46 PM

Im in Boise and do all my own wrench turnin on my Heeps. I dont set up difs or even know how a auto tranny works but just about everything else I have done. When you need help post up on here and I am sure the forum will come to the rescue. Way back in college an automotive course was offered. Have you checked @ BSU or CSI?
THX Doug

Sparrows 01-15-2013 08:59 PM

Hey thanks! I'll be getting to work installing a lift in the next month or so. An extra set of more knowledgeable hands would be awesome! I'll PM ya my phone number. Thanks again!

Cheers! :cheers2:

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