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nwiTJdave 10-18-2010 02:55 PM

Boise Area
Hi all,

My wife and I still cant move for about another 2 years. We both agreed that we would like to move west. Orginally we were discussing Colorado but I was looking at the Boise/Nampa area and it seems really nice and the housing prices seem very good. How is the job market out that way? And how cold does the average winter get (Im from the Chicago area so for us to get negative 20* windchills is nothing out of the ordinary)? Also, how are the school systems in that area? Any place we shouldnt look at? Thanks.


Tumbleweed01 10-18-2010 06:29 PM

Jobs depending on which fields seem about the same as everywhere. Construction is slow. We do have Micron and HP local for tech fields. Winter seldom gets below zero or single digits. Snow does not stick long on the streets, but does stay in the mountains and some foothills nearby. Last three years I did not use a snow shovel, but did use a broom on my driveway was all. I don't know about the schools-no kids. Nampa and Caldwell are bedroom communities to Boise. They tend to be cheaper overall than Boise. We have alot of rural areas that are also bedroom communities; i.e. Star, Idaho City, Middleton, Kuna, Emmett, areas of Eagle. We do get a commuter rush hour traffic but is not like any big city. 45 min to an hour is about the longest commute I hear of. We do have emissions tests for autos, and a 6% statewide sales tax. A one to two hours drive (or less) will get you from town to the mountains for outdoor activities. Years ago I snow skied in the am, and water skied in the afternoon of the same day. The Nevada border town of Jackpot has casinos for gambling and some upper name shows-it is roughly 2.5 hours drive.

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