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mrfreeze19delta 03-19-2013 07:08 PM

Off road trail from Sisters to the eugene area?
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Hey I am just wondering if there is any off road trail from the Sisters area over to the valley. Preferably over to the Eugene area right around Shotgun Creek OHV area. I know there is a part from Sisters to HWY 126 that is passable on the Old Santiam Wagon Road. This is my saved map on google maps that I am looking to do.,0.011684

Anybody have any input on this? I have months to plan. But I am wanting to get something going for this summer as a multi generational family trip.

chrisjsmith4 03-22-2013 11:49 PM

I'm from washington. Looking to do some trip down there. Is this trail just logging roads or is it actual offroad trail?

goldhammer 04-26-2013 04:11 PM

Wagon road from Sand Mtn in the burn area to Hwy 126 is CLOSED to motorized use. Part of it from Big Lake to Sand Mtn is highway legal only. Maps of the area are available from McKinzie Ranger District, or in the info kiosks by Big Lake and Bensen. Deschutes County 4 Wheelers in Bend are the go to folks on Quack Attack.

Two TRAILS in the Santiam Pass area, Quack Attack takes off from Bensen Sno-Park and goes between Hayrick and Hoodoo, winds over the south end of Hoodoo and ties into some other mild routes. Figure 33's and at least one locker at a minimum. Anything much more than an old cruiser or old bronco will get beat up.

The other trail is brand new and about a mile or so with some bumpouts for the rock buggy guys. Trail 47. Got it opened up last Sept. Got through in my XJ with 3 inch lift and 31's, but beat the daylights out of the sliders. It takes off just west of the NW corner of the old burn and comes out on rd 833 south of Lost Lake.

Only open after snow is gone, and they close by mid Nov.

No OHV trail all the way down to the valley anywhere.

Drop me a PM if needed.

The time now is 11:59 AM.

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