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How's Oregon?

My wife and I currently live in Tucson, Arizona. She works for the University of Arizona but she might get fired. So we did some searching and found the University of Oregon is hiring, there in Eugene. So we thought about moving there.

I went to Oregon once to visit my mom for a summer. At the time she lived in Roseburg but now lives in Lakeside (on the coast, by the dunes). I fell in love with the area. Beautiful and great for being outdoors.

But I want to know what its like to live there. Whats the economy like? How are the people jobs, weather? Is it a good place to raise a family? Give me your opinions. If you could choose to live anywhere, would Oregon be it?

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I'm a bit north of where you're looking but can give you a little idea. The economy is a little better than other places, we tend to be behind the national trend by 6-12 months so hasn't hit as hard here as some places. Weather - rain's quite a bit, we do get the four seasons though which is nice. It's very green and after living here for almost my whole life couldn't go somewhere that isn't. Haven't spent much time down in Eugene but know it's a very liberal college town. The thing I like the most is that within two hours we have the ability to drive two hours and be at the coast, or the mountain snow in the winter, desert in the summer, always something to do outside. Haven't been all over but this would be high on my list as far as where to live. There are some members from down there on I'm sure they could give you a better idea of the area, I'm just hitting on Oregon as a whole.

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Currently live in Portland area but ill be a freshman at the UO next year. Yes Eugene is a very liberal town, no offence to anyone but im a solid republican, But besides that it is a nice base camp for outdoor adventures. The Oregon Dunes National Rec Area is within an hour or two, Mt. Bachelor ski resort is about two hours away and if your a fisherman there are endless possiblities for angling. The weather is better than most people make it out to be, yea there is a good amount of rain in the winter even tho this year it has been snow! The summers are so nice, it is in the 70's and 80's most days with hot spells in the high 90's or low 100's usually a week or so a year Personally there is no place in the world i would rather be than Oregon. It is my Paradise and i wouldnt even consider moving away.

As a plus i think that one of the best places in the state is Bend, it is only a 2 hour drive from Eugene and offers endless outdoor rec possibilities!

The econ here like everywhere else isnt good, but i think there are deffenatly places that are worse.

Hope this helps!

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Is that bumper weighted to keep you from catching air at highway speed?
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Well no (why would it) :confused:
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The wife and I moved to the PNW from Boston in 2002. We were supposed to be here for a year or two...fell in love with area and never moved back. Mountains, sea, desert...just about every possible landscape.

Very unique jeep'n also. Might not have the vast rock crawling opportunities (Anyone: Correct me if I am wrong; but be specific on location so I can go play) but you can go from mired in twisty, tree lined trails to open 2 track overland touring.

The PNW is one gigantic playground.

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I'm from Lake Oswego (Very close to portland) and I am a Junior at the UO... Yes Eugene is liberal but so am I so it all works perfectly haha.. You will love Oregon it is an amazing state with everything, beaches, forests, desert, and mountains... it is the definition that should be given to describe the home of any jeep

P.S. I just bought this vinyl sticker to put on my jeep (huge fad growing in Oregon, except with the stickers, the vinyl looks much classier imo )

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I've lived in Oregon for the past 7 years. Before that I lived in Washington and AZ. I'm very happy with Oregon. I'm just north of Eugene in Junction City. There is a good mix of outdoor stuff to do here. Mt. Biking, Hiking, 4x4ing. It is very nice and green on the west side of the state and the centeral (bend area) is a lot like Flagstaff area then the East is more like southern AZ. As for the economy it is about the same as the rest of the country. Depends on what you work at. Most of the mills around are not doing to good at the moment. Housing prices are starting to drop though.
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I've been traveling for the last 10 years (play pro paintball)... Anyway I have been alot places (even overseas). And I always cant wait to get home (oregon). I live a litte north of where your talking about.

Its a little rainy in the winter.. Our summers our awesome, it doesnt really get to hot or muggy. I will actually be in Phoniex for a tournament in about 2 weeks ... was there last year and played at the glendale complex....

Also if your into jeeps we have moutains, snow, dunes, mud, ect.....

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I've traveled all over the country, and there is no place I would rather live than Oregon. We have abundant natural resources, unlimited outdoor possibilities, hiking, fishing, hunting, you name it. 30% of the nations Wild and Scenic Rivers are here. The Government isn't as out of touch as a lot of other states. I know a lot of people that have moved here to raise families. I hope you enjoy.
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This March will mark four years of living in Oregon for me. I was born and raised in CA. Outside of that, I lived for one year in Germany.

Oregon is a beautiful state and it's very affordable and provides a wonderful lifestyle if you get a good job. I own a home, several cars etc...and have money to spend and enjoy life. When I lived in California, I spent every penny I earned on living expenses and home ownership was not even a dream for me.

The biggest drawback for me is the weather. It's rains a lot, but even when it's not raining, it's always cloudy, always overcast, the skies are always dark and grey. The Portland metro area averages only 77 days of sunshine per year.

But the good news for you is that Eugene has a lot more sunshine. As a matter of fact, most of Oregon does get a lot of sunshine. It's only the Portland area that has a "rainforest" climate. So, when people say that all it does is rain in the PNW that's actually far from the truth.
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My brother moved back from Arizona last summer after a few years there.... Buy a couple electric blankets you'll want them. Even on our hottest days last summer he was still in pants and a longsleve shirt. He has adapted a lil more since then but the 1st month or 2 he was cold. But like all the above posts there is a reason why alot of people stay longer than they plan it is a great place to live.
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I was born in Oregon City (near Portland) and lived there until I was 14. It does rain and is overcast alot in the Willamette Valley. I've spent the last 33 years in Central Oregon where it is much drier and sunnier. The real enjoyable thing about Central Oregon (Bend and Redmond) is that it is not as heavily populated as the valley. Commuting and outdoor activities really benefit from that. The state as a whole is incredibly liberal. We call them tree huggers. It really shows when you try to find a legal place to be offroad. The only places that I've seen that I like better are in rural NW Nevada and rural NE California but anyone would be hard pressed to make a living there. The successfully retired people that I know have places in Arizona to winter.

Good luck with whatever you decide
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Well I grew up in the Seattle area and have only been to Oregon a few times, but from what I've seen/heard, WA and OR are pretty similar.

I came to Montana for college, and I'll be staying here this summer so I can give a more informed opinion in about 7 months, but so far, I would prefer to live back in WA. I LOVED everything about where I grew up. Bellevue is about 10-15 miles East of Seattle. I liked how I was close enough to a big city to have all the conveniences of that city, but I was still far enough away that I didn't have to actually live in the city, I lived in a nice "little" suberb.

Similar to what people are saying, I could drive 20 minutes and be at the ocean (puget sound, but close enough for this argument), or 40 minutes and be in the mountains, I had a view of Ranier from my house, I had lakes all around me, so a variety of fishing and boating was always available, and I had many, MANY offroad opportunities within an hour's drive.

Basically, I may be young, but I've been lucky enough to see a lot of different places in the world, and I will, without a doubt, move back to the PNW when I'm done with college.

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idk about the 77 sun days average....... from june to early september i can count on one hand the number of days that it was overcast. heck the last 3 weeks have only had 2 days of rain and before that it was 2 ft of snow ( that is no very common in the valley)

overall it is a wonderful place to live and the weather is much better than people make it out to be. in fact there are four of five other cities south of here that have a higher avg precipitation for year than we do

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Is that bumper weighted to keep you from catching air at highway speed?
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Well no (why would it) :confused:
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Because I think your fender flares could easily pass for wings
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I live in the Eugene, Springfield area and I like it. It is a great place to raise a family. We have really good schools. If you don't mind the rain in the winter the weather is great. I like being so close to the beach & the mountains. And we have alot of very nice lakes around us also. I really like it here.
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first...GO DUCKS!!!! born an lived in Eugene till i was 8 then moved to Central OR. moved to Portland twice but always seem to come back to Central OR. love it! from wet and green on the coast (lots of muddy trails) to mountains in central,and high dessert on the east side. always something to do outside good luck! (seems to be a lot of Jeep clubs across the state.)
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