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swils 09-20-2012 01:32 PM

Winterizing a '99 TJ, Fairbanks
Hey folks. So I bought my Jeep at the start of the summer, it was a regular daily-driver for the PO for the last few years, and spent most of its nights in their garage. I'm taking classes and living on campus at UAF, so the Jeep will usually be parked outside & plugged in for several days at a time.

I picked up a set of BlizzAK tires (Is the emphasis on the AK there, or just a coincidence? It seems appropriate, heh), and has (I believe) an oil pan heater installed. I couldn't swear to the pan heater, might be block, I'd have to go back and check. It's one of the two.

Anyway, I'm planning on picking up a battery blanket soon. Would you recommend having both an oil pan heater and block heater installed, and if so, what sort of cost would I be looking at (parts & labor, though if the install is easy enough I'd like to do the labor myself)?

Thanks very much for any replies. I'll likely be reposting this on some of the Fairbanks offroad club pages, so my apologies if you see this twice!

kustomskidd 10-26-2012 09:16 PM

Block heater, Oil Pan heater, And a Transmission pan heater if its an automatic. For the battery, run a sleeve/blanket, or get a trickle charger intsead.

The time now is 10:19 PM.

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