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rpiereck 12-20-2009 10:57 PM

Exploring trails around Fort Wainwright
Today's was suposed to be an easy ride. Temperatures were low, down to -20, and no one wanted to break anything. We decided to stay around Fort Wainwright and explore its trail network, especially some of the muskeg trails that are unpassable in the summer. In attendance was Matt F (Boostlesstj), Nate Lawson with his Isuzu, Samurai Mike and son on his Comanche, and me on my TJ.

We left the FWW gas station right around 10 am and headed for the trails across Chena River from the golf course. We snaked through some trail around there, marvelling at how much narrower the trails were in the winter with all the hardpacked snow on the trail bed. I was up front breaking trail, getting smacked hard with tree branches and dumped with loads of snow on my hood.

The first big obstacle was a sharp, steep hill that goes up from Nautilus Road onto the Approach Hill. I tried it at first but couldn't reach the top, making the trail slick like glass in my attempt. Matt F tried too, as did Mike. The hill was too slick for anyone. We took the little off camber bypass and we all made through, although Nate needed a little tug from Mike's tow strap.

At the top of Approach Hill we played around in this big hole that had a few steep hills in a couple of directions. Nate recorded videos of everybody going up and down the snow, and we had a bit of fun. Leaving that area we decided to try out a muskeg trail that heads north from Approach Hill. Last time we tried this trail during the summer, it was completely muddy and no one wanted to get stuck so we turned around after heading in 100 feet.

This time the muskeg trail was passable, and we all headed into the trail, not knowing really where it led, only knowing a general direction. The snow was pretty thick and the Wrangler Duratracs were doing a great job of breaking through the stuff. We came across a few other trails that crossed this one, and they all seemed passable. It would be a great area to explore on a day with more daylight. We continued on our initial trail, turning left onto another trail only when ours disappeared into a thick forest. Following this other trail we ended up in Sage Hill Road.

We followed Sage Hill road to the Big Hill area, where we had fun playing around again. Matt F was the first one to climb through a short, steep, slippery hill and drove his Jeep all the way to the top of Big Hill. Next Mike followed Matt, having to attempt a few times at conquering the short hill. Speed was the secret, and soon he had made it to the top. Next it was me, and with speed behind me I made it too. Nate stayed below, recording everyone's attempts. Nate drove the bypass to the top of Big Hill, and there we stayed for a while talking, enjoying the Alaskan winter and marvelling at the gorgeous nature in front of us.

We dropped down the backside of Big Hill and played around for a little longer. Mike showed what lockers are for, and with throttle and perseverance managed to climb through the snowy face of a hill, taking him almost 10 minutes to make it to the top. It was slow but impressive. Well done. We all had fun going down the face of Big Hill a few times, and then headed off into the musked again.

Following a snow machine (snowmobile) trail we headed towards the pipeline. The trail was narrow and covered in soft snow, and we had to cross what is probably a very narrow and shallow stream, and then we crossed the pipeline perpendicularly(!!) and stopped for photos. Nate warned us that the trail got even narrower after the pipeline, so we doubled back and headed towards Big Hill.

Byassing Big Hill we headed towards the trails of Sage Hill, moving towards Birch Hill. Arriving at the east side of Birch Hill we made it 1/4 of the way to the top of the hill and hung a left onto a very narrow trail that headed down the hill. The trail proved to be very, very narrow, with snow ladden tree branches hung very low in front of us. I, as trail boss, riding up front, was again dumped on with lots and lots of snow. My hood got so much snow that at one point I had a 4 inch by 3 inch window on my wind screen to look through. This short trail was only a few hundred feet long, but we took it slow due to all the trees and snow, and we all made it out easily.

After that we headed down to the River Road bypass and took that, but instead of going all the way through the bypass we found a narrow logging road heading north and headed that way, which took us to the back of Big Dirt Hill, where we were greeted by a father and his son practicing snowboarding on the fluffy snow covering the hill. Here we stopped, chatted a little bit and parted ways.

Today's ride was fun, a nice exploratory ride, finding where Fort Wainwright's trails lead to, and we even had some moments where we pushed our rigs, trying to go over obstacles that are easy in the summer, but too slippery in the winter. Nate learned the limits of his little Isuzu truck and he was quite satisfied with it, his little truck is pretty cool! Samurai Mike showed us what lockers can do and we were all pretty impressed, his son was having a blast too, but was a bit disappointed that his father forgot (on purpose!) to bring a toboggan: he really wanted to slide down Big Hill. Matt and I had fun exploring these trails we spent whole summer wondering where they lead.

My camera's batteries were frozen for part of the trip, but after a while between me and the seat heaters I had the camera going again...

Samurai Mike reversing from a little trail that went nowhere on Big Hill

Matt F on top of Big Hill

Matt F and Nate on the bottom of Big Hill

Samurai Mike, his Comanche and my TJ

My baby

What we saw on top of Big Hill

Everybody stopped to take pictures of that gorgeous sunset

Nate's diesel Isuzu Pup

Poseurs by the pipeline

Alaska's oil flows through here

Narrow snow machine trail

All the snow on my hood after going through the tree and snow gauntlet (that was after half the snow slid off the Jeep)

Samurai Mike's Comanche

The line up on Birch Hill

Going home

zjzach 12-20-2009 11:28 PM

cool pics, i used to live in fbx, i wish i would have known about this forum while i was up there.

you dont see too many posts around here from AK, or about wheelin in AK in general, i definatly miss it sometimes.

rpiereck 12-20-2009 11:44 PM


Originally Posted by zjzach (Post 8520776)
cool pics, i used to live in fbx, i wish i would have known about this forum while i was up there.

you dont see too many posts around here from AK, or about wheelin in AK in general, i definatly miss it sometimes.

Check this out: Past Rides - Frozen Axles Offroad

McKBrew 12-21-2009 03:12 PM


That hill has fun written all over it.

iser 08-26-2012 02:39 PM

reviving an old thread

i go to those hills all the time. i use approach hill to test out whatever new part i just installed (lift, wheels, tc, driveshaft and such). i drove it when it was stock, so i have a good base comparison (especially since i almost got in trouble in mud many time when it was stock).

sage hill has an awesome view. my avatar is from sage hill. i have my pics in my build thread. i took it the jeep into an atv trail off the jeep trails nearby sage hill and got it stuck there. not fun when you are out there until 0100 when you have an early call at 530 formation.

birch hill is okay. you can get a good view of the base from top of the ski lifts but not that interesting.

kustomskidd 09-12-2012 11:04 PM

Good to see a few people from F-banks. Im a new TJ owner, just getting to dive into all of this.

iser 09-16-2012 09:55 PM

took it out and got it stuck. was out there all day near sage hill.

kustomskidd 09-22-2012 03:10 PM

Went out on some small trails today, just to see how she handled, 4WD wasnt needed, and I didnt D/C sway bars.

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