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Photog 02-02-2009 09:45 AM

Dalton Highway - Alaska
Anyone drive their JK on the Dalton Highway in Alaska?

Have any tire problems or mechanical problems?



OregonVette 09-03-2011 01:42 AM

Thinking about doing this in my jeep 1st. Then trying the KLR 650


AKGeo 11-12-2011 10:40 AM

Same perils as any vehicle would have over a 450 mile dirt road populated with big-rig haulers and spotty maintenance. I don't think the make or model have much to do with it. People drive it with Ford Escapes and survive. Just take an extra spare and sensible supplies and you'll be fine.

If you go all the way to Deadhorse, don't go to the Tesoro station and pay $10/gallon...go the other way and buy gas for half that price and not pay the tourist tax. You'll see when/if you get there.

piraterig 04-06-2012 04:12 PM

ive been looking at doing this next summer and its 2900 miles+ from me to the Dalton hwy. ive looked into flying and renting a suv but its crazy priced with the extra insurance. and you know youre gonna pay the 250 deductible. that is if you add the 7 dollar vip ins on top of the regular 21 dollar insurance, because if not its 1000.. one place was cheaper with the "gravel ready" rentals but you have to be 30 im not waiting 3 more years. so the tickets from Chicago to Fairbanks was 780x2 plus the 800 for the suv and the extra coverage and the extra fees of 18%??? then the inevitable deductible of 250. i think i could just take the drive and enjoy view from my jeep. We really want to come to Fairbanks, but its gonna be a big deal to plan the trip and prepare my jeep for the roads up there. the total to rent is around 2800 dollars. and its 3773 miles from home to there (west tip of ky) so i figured i get steady 17 mpg every time i check and i came up with estimated 225 gals one way. i used $4.25/gal i get about $960 to drive one way. so for 2k i can make the trip there and back not counting gas for when im sight seeing. id say a 4k vacation easy. i wish i lived closer. my friend was stationed close to there and has amazing pics.

is it worth the 4k? really to go? or should i try a different route to see the sights/ other auto rental places?

JapJohn 04-20-2012 02:18 PM


Originally Posted by piraterig (Post 13369719)
is it worth the 4k? really to go? or should i try a different route to see the sights/ other auto rental places?

My opinion would be to go the other way. If you start from Fairbanks and head down you will pass the Denali area which is pretty cool to see. You will get more bang for your buck starting from Anchorage and going down to the Kenai Peninsula, go to Seward then Kenai/Soldotna then Homer. There will be a lot more to see and do rather than drive a really bad dirt road to nowhere. And I would be willing to bet gas anywhere north of Fairbanks would be more than $4.25.

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