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Frequently Asked Questions

Vehicle Specs

Commonly Used Links Frequently Asked Questions

Instant build sheet directly from Jeep, no more waiting for an email back.

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Frequently Asked Questions / Write-ups

Suspension / Tires

Tire Size vs. Amount of Lift Chart

Suspension Glossary

Common Budget Boost "BB" Questions

WJ Suspension Info Thread

What is Death Wobble and How Can I Cure It?

Death Wobble Info

The Comprehensive BDS/FatBob's 2" Lift Thread

12 Things to Know About Lifted Suspension Engineering

Extending Rear Sway Bar End Links Using Spacers

Lift Coil Spring Rates

Sway Bar Information

What is the largest tire I can run on my WJ without a lift?

Axles / Differentials

How to replace an axle shaft and/or a wheel hub bearing assembly

How to replace Ball Joints

D44a Aussie Locker Install

Warped Rotors (Front end vibrates when I apply the brakes)

Gear Ratio and Transmission Calculator

Rebuilding a D44a axle

Differential Setup Information

Front Axle Spring Perch Repair

5x5 Wheel Cross Reference Chart

Front and Rear Brake Rotor and Pad Removal and Installation

What? Why do I need a locker? I thought I had 4WD!

Axle Identification

Drive Shaft Identification

Differential Fluid Change

Regearing Chart

Engine / Transmission / Transfer Case

NP242 Rebuild Tutorial

How do I replace the front crankshaft oil seal?

How do I clean the IAC (Idle Air Control) valve?

Transfer Case Fluid Change - NV242

The Chrysler 545RFE is One Hell Of A Tough Transmission And Here’s Why

2004 4.0 I6 Jeep Grand Cherokee Camshaft, Timing Set, and Lifter Replacement

NV3500 5 Speed Swap

4.0L CCV Elbow Removal Guide/Tips Write Up

247 - 231 Swap

247 - 242HD Swap

ZJ 249 - 242 Swap

NP242 Internals

WJ Radiator Replacement Write-Up w/ Pics

4.7L Exhaust Manifold Bolt Info

Spark Plug Information and Removal/Installation

Misfire Diagnosis Guide

4.0 Rear Main Seal Replacement

HOAT Coolant and Flushing Information

42RE Governor Pressure Sensor & Solenoid Write-Up


Steering Box Adjustments - How To Fix your Floppy Steering

How to Center the Steering Wheel

Dual Steering Stabilizer Write Up

Tie Rod End Replacement (Drag Link)


Power windows/locks stop working

Fan Relay Test

Fan Relay Removal and Replacement

Dual Battery Optima Odyssey in Stock 4.7L Location

Retrieving Diagnostic Trouble Codes (Key Dance)

Diagnostic Trouble Codes

Power Inverter Install

LED Mods

WJ Flasher Repair Picture Guide

Bluetooth Light Switch

WJ Electric Fan/Relay Information

1999-2004 WJ Driver Door Boot Wiring Fix


WJ Jeeps

Grand Cherokee Most Common Mods

Commonly Used Acronyms

How Do I Reset the Miles to Service Display?

What are the Technical Service Bulletins for my Jeep?

Where can I request my buildsheet?

License Plate Mount for Roller Fairleads

Custom Bumpers

Fluids for the Grand Cherokee

Replacing the lift struts

Double cardan rebuild (writeup w/pics)

Front Wiper Repair - Fix Your Paranormal Wipers!

Rear Wiper Repair - Refurbishing/Repairing the WJ's Rear Wiper Motor

Dual Control Blend Door R&R without Dash Removal

Cheap WJ Recirculation Door Fix

Window Regulator Replacement (with Video)

Cheap Window Regulator Repair

Off-Road Tips and Techniques

State by State Vehicle Equipment Laws

Factory Hitch Installation

The Ultimate/Unbiased I6 vs V8 Buyers Guide

WJ Torque Specs - Complete List

WJ 4WD Systems Explained

Rear End Collision Information

Compatible Jeep Wheels

Seat Motor Repair

The Ultimate WJ Grand Cherokee Buyers Guide

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Vehicle Specs

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Commonly Used Links

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