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Originally Posted by adavis39 View Post


New hood emblem
Are those the ones one ebay listed for the srt 4? I was wondering how big the would be but those look perfect. I'm a punisher junkie I've made a paracord belt with punisher buckle, and my daughter has bought me two shirts.

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Talked to Randy at the local auto shop. 800 to have my lift put on, and another 300 for some new U-joints. going in the morning to pick her up. $1100 is still slightly less than what I was expecting to pay for her. I miss my girl so much....

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Originally Posted by adavis39

New hood emblem
You might like this then:
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Originally Posted by esac205 View Post
That can't be it. Cause 1 that's the only way the back seats will go completely flat. 2 that's where the jack is stored. So I'm sure that comes stock.
EDIT: Never mind, this was already explain after someone else didn't understand the above quote either. But yeah, I'm pretty sure the point of taking out the seat bottoms is so you can store stuff on the floor in their place, or push stuff deeper into the back of the Jeep since the seat bottoms aren't sticking up and blocking things. Of course, yes, the ability to flatten the seats comes stock, but a little extra space can be gained by removing the seat bottoms entirely. It also gives you a little extra leg/head room if you're trying to sleep in the back.

Not sure if I'm misunderstanding your meaning, cause your post is a little confusing, but you don't need to remove the seat bottoms to get the seats to go completely flat. They go flat once you take the headrests off, and then you stick the headrests in their little "holder" on the bottom of the seat, just like one of the pictures shows in that thread that was posted for the removable seat write-up. The pics also show the seats completely flat with the seat-bottoms still in. Yes the jack goes under the passenger side rear seat, but it doesn't prevent the seat-backs from going flat..? And no, removable seat bottoms doesn't come stock... that's why it's a mod. It comes with a pressed in pin that has to be drilled/punched out. You need the special clips to make the seat bottoms removable (without unbolting them, of course).
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Originally Posted by its-me-B View Post
Are those the ones one ebay listed for the srt 4? I was wondering how big the would be but those look perfect. I'm a punisher junkie I've made a paracord belt with punisher buckle, and my daughter has bought me two shirts.

2002 WJ Limited 4.7: 6" Clayton REALLY long arms....yep, they are longer than yours SOLD : (
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Got my shiny new 20ga air compressor, impact wrench, and various accessories along with a new floor jack and jack stands. With these new toys, I was finally able to get the rear sway bar brackets removed. The new sway bar is attached to the end links but I ran out of time/daylight before I could get the new bushings and brackets installed.

While I had the sway bar off, I also replaced the rear differential cover with a BTF Kryptonite cover. Due to my complete lack of foresight, I realized the cover was missing the bolts and fill plug after I had removed the old diff cover. I've got the BTF held in place with the old bolts until the new bolts/plug arrive. I guess my Jeep will be sitting in the driveway until then.

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Originally Posted by MavericG07 View Post
I looked for nearby places to install my 4" IRO lift. since I don't have the tools, or space to store tools, I'm going to have to find something. anyone have a preference as to which company I should use. I'm going to be calling 4 Wheel Auto Parts tomorrow and seeing how much it would cost to have them install it. Also, I'm open to just having a lift party and getting multiple people together for it if anyone thinks that might be easier.
I tried to get some quotes, dealer said 1200 lol another local shop said 400 i just ended up renting a spring compressor and buying some jackstands from advanced auto, took me 10 hours to install with a ratchet/ torque set. But then again it was just the iro 3", not many components compared to the 4". Im a youtube/ jeepforum mechanic, with little mechanic knowledge too lol nothing wrong... yet hahah
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I took out the stock infinity tweeters in my overland. Threw these in to replace em.

Really nice little speakers, they even come with bass blockers but I didn't hook em up since I cranked the volume on install with no distortion. They are the Polk db351s, 3.5 inch speakers so just a little modding is needed to fit them but they are so much better than stock.
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Wired up the driving lights. Added the switch to the dash behind the steering wheel. Key was on the on position because the switch only receives power when the ignition is on. I don't have a check engine light on when the jeep is running.
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Originally Posted by mtnmarc View Post

Your rig is awesome.

I woke up around 3:00 in the afternoon (I'm not a piece of *****, I'm working overnights this week) and I see my wife washing her Durango in the driveway. I got up and ready to wash my Jeep and by the time I got downstairs she was already washing mine. I don't think I've washed my Jeep in months. It really needed it.
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Had the dub turn off on me today and then start hard, I have checked the batterie and that's fine in fact really good, I am I shooting in the dark thinking it might be the fuel filter or pump,, guys help I am not sure what to do. Thanks
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Got my WJ lifted, finally, after waiting quite a while for the back-ordered springs.
I installed OME HD springs + OME 10mm spacers, new coil spring isolators, Bilstein 5100 shocks, JKS adjustable track bar, Moog Super Trail Boss SS, IRO extended sway bar links, and got some brand new JK wheels with brand new TPMS's wrapped with 265/70/17 Goodyear Duratrac rubber. Took forever to install singlehandedly since I was in a very cramped space cleared out in the garage, which was extremely hot here in Las Vegas (couldn't install on driveway because of Home Owner's Association pricks and it's 110 degrees outside anyway). But yeah, had to take regular breaks due to the heat and having no one to help nor much space to work in, it took quite a while. BUT SHE'S FINALLY DONE! For now... aside from needing to adjust the track bar and needs an alignment, but I'll wait a few days until I get my Moog HD TRE's installed for the alignment.

By the way, does anyone have any tips for adjusting the track bar? My axle is at least an inch to the passenger side. I don't suppose they would adjust that as part of the alignment...
Even as-is, it drives straight and rides a lot better than stock and with the 4.7l, I don't even notice a decrease in power, really.

Some weak "flexing" at a nearby construction site...

I am SUPER happy with it! Pics don't do it justice, as anyone with a lifted WJ knows. It looks HUGE in person. In person, it looks like what I thought a 5" lift with 33's would be like. I started with an average measurement of about 17-3/4" from hub to fender, and now I'm at almost 22-1/4" on all four corners. It will settle a little, but I think I got a solid 4 inches out of the lift. I love the Duratracs and the overall look (especially love the brand new JK wheels compared to my stock chrome clad Rogues). I will add some Spydertrax spacers soon and definitely need some rock sliders as well as some new black (not tinted, but black as opposed to chrome) headlights and a few other things to tie it together. But I think it's pretty awesome already. Thanks for anyone who's posts and info helped me along the way, and thanks to KOLAK for providing me with this and recommending all of the quality components!
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Originally Posted by mtnmarc View Post

Where's that? And is that fresh trail damage?

BOT: I finally had a CCNR complaint from the Home Owners' Association about my "inoperable vehicle" in the street. I don't know where to take the dub since they say it has to be in the backyard or side yard, yet I would need a crane to get it in either of those with the way my lot is set up. Won't have a new motor for another month or so, will have to search for a place to drop it off where I can continue to work on it. The annoying part is you can't even tell it's inoperable unless you pop the hood, yet my neighbors are nazis.
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Jeep got approved at EU control today
Now its Good for the next 2 years, had to change to my Winter tires on JK rims to Get it thrue, due to summer wheels goes outside upper fender Edge.
Went straight to my friends wheelshop and got it changed back again,,,,
stupid but now its all Good again

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