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Cawagula 06-24-2013 09:05 PM

Vacuum Leak
So since I bought this jeep I've noticed it sometimes takes a minute for the AC to switch from defrost to the vents... At first I looked for vacuum leaks and found nothing, so I chalked it up to the blend doors that had just been replaced, figuring they were cheap doors or what not. So today, as I was replacing my radiator fan control relay I heard what sounded like a vacuum leak coming from behind the headlight. I know there is a vacuum reservoir that sits under the headlight and it doesn't seem to have any cracks, but a plugged hole that appears to be from a previous relay replacement, but the whole is solid and not leaking anything. It seems, though, that there is a leak from behind the reservoir. Any one know how to go about getting back behind there? Do I need to remove the battery and the battery compartment? Any ideas? The AC works good and cold, but seems it doesn't blow at full capacity and I'm thinking it's due to that leak, wherever it is coming from.

The time now is 12:59 AM.

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