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Lysdexic 05-22-2013 10:24 AM

Tire size and death wobble
OK, this is weird. I have a set of JK takeoffs with 255/75/R17 tires I use for around town for better mileage and to save the MTs for off road use. They get bad death wobble around 65 MPH.

The 33x12.50x17 Mickey Thompsons get no DW.

The JK wheels have been balanced repeatedly, have tried running different tire pressures - nothing helps.

Thoughts? The MTs are hella expensive, noisy and rob 3-4MPG, so I'd like to solve this and use the street tires if possible.

Running IRO longarm 4" lift with dual steering stabilizers and HD TREs.

The time now is 04:51 PM.

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