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doorjamm 05-17-2013 08:36 PM

For those of you with o2 sensor woes
I was in need of smog (yay for California emissions) and my engine was throwing p0135 and p0132. I preemptively bought a New o2 sensor (denso) which didn't fix the issue. I went through and cleaned grounds and checked for shorts only to come up empty handed. Fuses were good also. But here's where a breakthrough happened: I swapped the relays (35 and 36 iirc) in the fuse box, and voila. The Jeep, after having run with the CEL on for half a year, ran a little sporadic at first and started to tame down after a few minutes but to my amazement the CEL did not trigger again. I researched here and google for quite sometime and not once did I read anything about a bad relay or checking them. I also found some threads that never ended with an answer to the problem. So I'm creating this thread in hopes to help out anyone in the future before they spend plenty of time and money on the issue when all they have to do is swap relays (I swapped mine with the wipers iirc).

The time now is 06:45 PM.

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