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Originally Posted by MWF View Post
I hear you dude, thanks for understanding and putting your thoughts across.

FWIW I'm not mad about alfaitalia calling the majority of people here idiots, it's just hard to respect someone's viewpoint when they drag an argument down to that level.

I'm not sure why, but there's this culture that's festered in the world where everyone has to have a strong opinion and stand by it, even when the facts are very hard to establish or understand. I simply don't see why everything has to be an argument or a debate these days, I don't see why people feel the need to join the team for or against, make everything so black and white.

I see both sides, I agree with points made by both sides, I feel a certain way.
I think a lot of it is the "I'm the center of the universe" and "I'm more right than you" and then there's those who love drama. I just find it all very amusing myself. I've always thought better look at facts, logic and reality rather than who's right and emotions. But hey, that's me.

Public forums though, these things will always happen. Props to the mods who get to deal with keeping things under control while letting everyone speak their thoughts and ideas. It's not easy. Been there, done that.

The beatings will continue until attitudes improve!

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I agree that this topic is beaten to death, and these threads should be in Grand General Discussion.

Folks: Go to your closest Jeep dealer and ask them what to do. If you're not satisfied with what they offer, get rid of your Jeep.

Thread CLOSED.
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